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Information Systems Project ,, application design - Coursework Example

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However, efficacy is considered from a variety of perspectives among them customers’, investors’, and business owners’. Contemporarily,…
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Information Systems Project ,, application design
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Download file to see previous pages Following these needs, it is paramount that businesses and non-business establishments to develop technical solutions aimed at meeting customer needs at all times. Hence, this is a research proposal which seeks to authenticate the validity of developing web-based mobile application whose purpose is to ensure customers are able to follow up events that matter to them such as the schedule of favorite movie at the cinema, where to buy tickets for major sporting events, and finding business establishments such as supermarkets, medical facilities, and grocery stores through the use of an integrated map and navigation tools.
The need for faster service delivery is a universal business consideration that take into account the need for better time management. Based on this need, a proposal for the development of a website that intends to serve specific customer requirements such as navigating through busy streets to access services such as therapists, dentists, restaurants, and restaurant menus developed to facilitate better time management and self-efficiency for customers from all around the City of Riyadh. The functionality of the website, which will have the potential of being ported into a mobile application will take into consideration the aspect of navigation through real-time city maps showing categories of establishments meeting a customer’s needs.
The project’s aim will be to integrate the concept of shared local experience targeting Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, customers such that business establishments and the customers are connected through a virtual network facilitating better time management, flawless navigation through busy city streets, accounting for clicks per page for businesses that will integrate their services and product offers to the proposed website and subsequent mobile application. The mobile application development will take into consideration the most popular mobile operating systems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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