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A Mobile Application for Home Depot - Case Study Example

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In the contemporary business environment, technology drives the operations of the organization to achieve efficiency in information distribution and retrieval in an organization. The flow of information within the organization network determines the efficiency of operations and the ease of access of information of customers. …
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A Mobile Application for Home Depot
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Download file to see previous pages The flow of information within the organization network determines the efficiency of operations and the ease of access of information of customers. Maintaining up to date records and managing inventories is an attribute that allows organizations to remain viable within a competitive economy, for this reason, it is crucial for organizations to manage their information distribution networks and manage the people and their access to information to achieve effectiveness in an organization. Home Depot is an organization that has remained behind in innovation and integration of information technology in their distribution networks. Consequently, the organization has underperformed owing to their old information management systems that are ineffective and poor development of their website. The new CEO of new depot has a vision for the information distribution network of the organization. To start with, he builds a mobile network for information flow within the organizations. First phones will allow the organizations to manage their inventories in real time as the selling operations take place. This real time update of the inventories will ensure that business records are effectively maintained without requiring manual entry of information. In addition, the associates of Home Depot can, through the mobile application, seamless monitor inventories remotely from any store. Resultantly, business operations will be automated, making it easier for even one manager to monitor all business operations remotely. Secondly, the organization strategy to develop an interactive website will form a core part of their information distribution network. Through the website, they can disseminate marketing information to their target customers which is expected to make the public more conscious of their products and attract more online buyers (Reynolds 6). Developing an effective information distribution network will harness more profits for the organization by ensuring that information flows effectively to the customers, and that business operations are timely and automated. Management of people for retrieval of knowledge is a critical aspect of business organizations. The CEO of Home depot has integrated technology in people management to ensure that both employees and customers are well coordinated. His idea to equip the employees with First Phones is geared towards the development of an effective communication between the employees of Home Depot. As Reynolds (6) points out, communication is a key aspect of the people management in a business environment. First phones will allow employees to communicate effectively from their locations and coordinate with each other without having to respond to the fixed walkie-talkies that demand a fixed employee presence, which will hasten communication. The blogger site will allow customers to post their feedback and receive answers from their questions. In turn, customer feedback can be adopted to develop goods that correspond to customers’ preferences. Consequently, Management of the information systems will be a customer value approach that will help to satisfy customers better. Case Study, Marketing With Facebook Marketing policy is the vehicle that drives an organization’s products from their point of development to their point of selling at the customer site. Currently, information technology has opened an avenue for organizations to distribute their product information to their customers and allow customers to acquire this information. The internet platform has become a superior strategy for organizations to define the face of the marketing policy and roll out their products more efficiently. Facebook is one of the social media online services that have been embraced for organizational marketing. Organizations utilize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Mobile Application for Home Depot Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
A Mobile Application for Home Depot Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“A Mobile Application for Home Depot Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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