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Colorado Springs Welcome Home Parade - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essay talks about the Colorado Springs Welcome parade is a project started to receive the soldiers returning from the Iraq war to that they feel accepted. The project involves public parade so that they feel wanted in the community and American society. …
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Colorado Springs Welcome Home Parade
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Extract of sample "Colorado Springs Welcome Home Parade"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper declares the project has three main components which are indispensable in the process. First the welfare of the soldiers returning from war must be looked at with support from the veteran affairs department. The areas of coverage are the six main bases located in Colorado Springs including Fort Carson and Air Force Academy. The project will require a project team with a management committee. The management team must in harmony with each other to ensure that the operation of the project is successful. The roles of the teams are identified and clearly stipulated in the operation of the two teams. The role of group cohesiveness in the success of the operation cannot be understated. Group cohesiveness ensures the focus of the group is on the organization goals.
This essay explores that the project requires a massive capital for success to be achieved. It is a short project which requires high capital. The current situation of the project is dire. It does not have any direct funding from the government, and depends on sponsorship offered by the support partners, such as; the society and corporate institutions leading to the success of welcoming parade. The major sponsors to the project are the coca cola company. Coca Cola Company will give half of the required finance with other sponsors contributing the remaining capital. Currently, no other sponsor has come up to offer support for the remaining amount. The lack of sponsor creates a significant problem for the project. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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