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Spain and portugal - Annotated Bibliography Example

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We have one goal in mind that has one goal, which is to make the client happy and make his dream come true. Our prices for the travel packets we offer are at a very economical price. We specialize in travel tours all over the world,…
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Spain and portugal
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Extract of sample "Spain and portugal"

HRHM 3010: Tourism Management Final Project: Spain & Portugal By Assaf Alassaf Badr Alghaylan Barjas Alhjelan Ahmed Aljrba Sultan Alotaibi Abdullah Alrauwji
Mohammed Shaheen
A paper submitted in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science
School of Business
Southern Utah University
May 2012
Table of Contents
Ahmed Aljrba 3-4
Badr Alghaylan 4-13
Assaf Alassaf 14-15
Abdullah Alrauwj…………………………...............15-18
Barjas Alhjela…………………………………….18-19
Sultan Alotaibi 20
Mohammed Shaheen 21
Free Travel is a company in Denver, Colorado. We have one goal in mind that has one goal, which is to make the client happy and make his dream come true. Our prices for the travel packets we offer are at a very economical price. We specialize in travel tours all over the world, and have a great and friendly staff.
Section One: Background History of the clients
In May of 2012 the three Luna brothers will be the ones to experience a trip of a life time; it will be a great trip full of adventure. This trip to them is to celebrate their accomplishments and as well it is a fresh start into their new lives. The oldest brother Juan at age 32 will be coming back home after studying abroad in France. He had gone there and accomplished his goal of getting his master’s in Business. Now his goal was to set out on another adventure, since he had traveled to France now he wanted to see more of this wonderful world.
The middle brother Roberto at the age of 26 was following his older brother’s steps. This trip to him was to celebrate that he had gotten into the master’s program and would soon be traveling to Italy to finish it there. This was to prepare him for the outside world and get more of an insight on what he would soon experience. Carlos the youngest was simply going with them to celebrate his 21st birthday and as well he just wanted to experience an adventure of a lifetime. However, he had also at such a young age gotten his bachelor’s in computer since at the University of Denver.
All three of the Luna brothers want to make this an experience of a lifetime. Not only that they want this experience to help them grow with each other, to help them be able to go on off on their own and know how to be responsible. They love adventure and what will make this trip even better is that since they all like different things it makes the trip have a lot of diversity. This trip they will embark on will last 21 days and in these days the trip we want to prepare will make them learn things from each other. For example while one of them like’s things outdoors, historical sites, and museums. The other one likes just the nightlife, parties, and fancy restaurants. On the other hand the other one likes to just interact with the locals and just to go around and do a little shopping. They know their income all together does not add up to get a life of a king, but it will be enough for them to have a great trip and to enjoy everything they want.
Juan, 32 Roberto, 26 Carlos, 21
Section Two: The Destinations
During this trip we will take the clients to explore 3 major cities two of them belong to the country of Spain, which are the capital Madrid and the island of Palma. (Spain S.L.. 1999) The last city will be in Portugal and it is the capital as well called Lisbon. There are a few travel requirements, preparations, do’s, don’ts, taboos, and other things that the clients should prepare for. Since our company wants the clients to have the best experience with no interferences we have taken the liberty to design a table that will explain everything they need.
What US State Dep. Has to say?
Visa required?
Fee to enter/leave country?
Contact info for the U.S. Embassy
Safe to Travel and Enter
  Phone: 91-587-2240 
   (08:30-13:00, Monday-Friday)
Safe to Travel and Enter
Monday-Friday: 10:30 - 13:30
Tel.: +34 971.40.37.07      
Fax: +34 971.40.39.71
Safe to Travel and Enter
Monday thru Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 351-21-727-3300 
Fax: 351-21-726-9109 
When traveling to other countries there are things that our clients should expect, in Madrid and Palma the expectation are very alike in both. Basically when traveling there of course one of the main things they will encounter is a very much more open minded group of people( Planet, 2012). They will see that homosexuality is not opposed there, so to see activity between them like holding hands and kissing is likely.
Also, keep in mind that although there is not a lot of crime activity there is a medium activity of theft. (Focus logo.1996) To avoid this it is highly recommended to not carry a large amount of money with you. As well never flash how much money you have, it is preferred to carry a credit card and use it; rather than cash. As well our clients have to beware of many gypsy women who will try to distract you while others pickpocket you. (Focus logo. 1996)
Spain is very patriotic when it comes to their country, so do not try and pick a fight or say anything bad about their country. (Jerrolds, 2012) As well it is very offensive to some and makes them upset when one brings up anything about their history before they were free or about the war they had against England. Also it is very usual and is a greeting custom to kiss each other on both cheeks and hug as well. Spaniards are very friendly people, so to deny or walk away from a greeting is seen as very rude.
As well never arrive late to appointments, and when speaking with someone try to maintain psychical contact with them. Such as taping on the shoulder, patting the back, etc. this is seen as friendly and adds more to a friendship or any relationship for that matter. It is also illegal to smoke in public places, and if you get caught there will be a fine. As well do not complain about smoking. Spaniards believes whoever complains about smoking are actually afraid of life. There are also some other small things of what not to like do not wear shorts in public, do not eat with your hands. Not even fruit!
To prepare for these changes our clients have to accept the fact that they will face and meet people who will have very different opinions and views. (www.Travel Taboo. 2012) As well they will see and be in an environment where the things are more open and they have to be on guard all the time. As well it is very important that they all stay together especially at night, it is not recommended to be walking alone. (www.Travel Taboo. 2012)
When preparing your suitcase it is important to bring clothes for every occasion and every weather, because even though many of us think that Spain is very tropical and warm. (www.Temperature Inc. 2000) It also has its shares of storms and even snow. It is also recommended to bring with you an adapter for the electricity plug in, because Spain uses only the two pin plug in; and as we all know here in the U.S. (www.Travel Document, 1999) we use a lot of appliances that are three pin plugs. Especially when using our laptops!
Now with Portugal even though it is very close to Spain, it has a different way of life and of seeing things. To start off with when coming to this beautiful country our clients have to have in mind that the language that is spoken here is Portuguese. (Viajera_del_mundo, 2012) Of course English is spoken in tourist areas, but the level to which they speak it is not very high. Another thing that our clients have to keep in mind is when going to restaurants; if they are vegetarian it will be very hard for them. The reason being is that there vegetables are used simply to garnish a plate. Very few restaurants serve them as a side or even a dish for all that matter. (FERREN, A. 2012)
The people of Portugal feel very happy when they help tourists. Do not feel embarrassed to ask for help, since we know that their English is not very good; when you try and talk to them in Portuguese it makes them feel very happy. (www.Lets Go, 1960) In fact they enjoy these, because it makes them feel like you do care to interact and get to know their culture. Like in Spain they are very friendly people, so they greet people properly. It is a must that every time you see people take time over greeting each other. However, do not use first names; unless you know the person really well. The Portuguese have a lot of respect for high titles especially in academics and for the doctors.
For this reason our clients must prepare themselves to see that the Portuguese are very reserved and formal. Do not think of this as them being cold or not liking you, it is just that if they don’t know you they take a lot of precautions. As well do not in any case write in red, this is seen as very rude. When eating as well if the salt and pepper is not on the table asking for it is not acceptable, as it is seen as rude and disrespectful to the cook. (www.Lets Go, 1960)
Even though the Portuguese are really open minded people there are a few things that will be seen as very disrespectful towards them, like shorts and flip-flops. As well collarless t-shirts on men are generally unacceptable. (Stoller, 2011) As well like in Spain clients should take clothes for every occasion and their adapter for the two pin plug in.
Now that we have given clients the basics of how to get around in both Spain and Portugal, it is time to get a look at their history and culture. Let’s start with Spain, the Christian conquest of the Iberian Peninsula from Muslim rulers left Spain dominated by two large kingdoms: Aragon and Castile. Then they were united under the joint rule of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1479, and they added other regions to their control. (Wilde, 2012) From this is how the country of Spain would later be formed. During the rule of these two monarchs Spain began to acquire a massive overseas empire, and the Spanish “Golden Age” occurred in the 16th and 17th centuries. (Wilde, 2012)
After this spain became part of the Habsburg family inheritance when emperor Charles V inherited it in 1516, and when Charles II left the throne to a French noble the War of the Spanish Succession occurred between France and the Habsburgs; of which the French noble won.
Spain was invaded by Napoleon and saw struggles between an allied force and France, which the allies won, but this triggered independence movements among Spain’s imperial possessions. During the nineteenth century the political scene in Spain came to be dominated by the military, and in the twentieth century two dictatorships occurred: Rivera’s in 1923 – 30 and Franco’s in 1939 – 75. Franco kept Spain out of World War 2 and survived in power; he planned a transition back to monarchy for when he died, and this occurred in 1975 – 78 with the re-emergence of a democratic Spain. (Wilde, 2012)
Not only have all these things impacted Spain, but they have also had a huge impact on its culture. This has made Spain have a huge cultural diversity, making it also have the second highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world; with a total of 42. When we start talking about literature it is mostly influenced by the Spanish. As it is written in Spanish and due to its historic geographic and generational diversity it has known a great number of influences and is very diverse. One of the greatest books in Spanish literature is called “The Celestina”, Witten by Fernando de Rojas in 1499. It talks about the end of medieval literature and the beginning of the literary renaissance in Spain. (Wilde, 2012)
In the arts we have to say that Spain’s greatest painters were during the Golden age period. Some of them were El Greco, Bartolome, Esteban Murillo, Diego Velazquez, and Francisco Goya. These painters become world-renowned artists between the periods of the 17th century to the 19th century. (Wilde, 2012) However, Spain’s best known artist since the 20th century has been Pablo Picasso. As well what defines Spainis its great architecture, from its amazing cathedrals to the buildings and structures from the Islamic culture.
With religion about 79% of them are Roman Catholic, 2% are another faith, and about 19% are non-religious. One of the most important Spanish holidays is “Semana Santa”, which in English is Holy Week. It is celebrated a week before Easter with large parades and other religious events. As well one of their best known Spanish celebrations is the festival of “San Fermin”, which is celebrated every year in July in Pamplona. Bulls are released into the streets, while people run ahead of the animals to the bullring. (Wilde, R. 2012)
With the country of Portugal it was emerged during the 10th century, this all happened during the Christian conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. It was first as a region under the control of the counts of Portugal and then, in the mid-twelfth century, as a kingdom under King Afonso I. The throne then went through a turbulent time, with several rebellions. (Wilde, 2012)
During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries overseas exploration and conquest in Africa, South America and India won the nation a rich empire.
In 1580 a succession crisis led to a successful invasion by the King of Spain and Spanish rule, beginning an era known to opponents as the Spanish Captivity, but a successful rebellion in 1640 led to independence once more. Portugal fought alongside Britain in the Napoleonic Wars, whose political fallout led to a son of the King of Portugal becoming Emperor of Brazil; a decline in imperial power followed. (Wilde, 2012)
The nineteenth century saw civil war, before a Republic was declared in 1910. However, in 1926 a military coup led to generals ruling until 1933, when a Professor called Salazar took over, ruling in an authoritarian manner until 1974. His retirement through illness was followed by a further coup, the declaration of the Third Republic and independence for African colonies.
The only word that can truly express the culture of Portugal is “complex”; this is because of the complex flow of different civilizations during the past millennia. (Commission Education &Training. 2005) Every civilization that has passed through here has made an imprint on the country’s culture and history. They participate in many cultural activities, and to them it is very important to appreciate every activity as well. One of their main events is their rich traditional folklore, with great regional variety. Not only folklore but music of every genre is very important to them and they enjoy it to the max; it is present always in their everyday life. (Commission Education &Training. 2005)
During the summer, in the month of June, festivities dedicated to three saints known as Santos Populares take place all over Portugal. (Viajera_del_mundo, 2012) The three saints are Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter. Common fare in these festivities is wine, and traditional bread along with sardines. During the festivities are many weddings, traditional street dances and fireworks. (Travel, 2011)
Saint Anthony is celebrated on the night of 12th-13 June, especially in Lisbon where that saint was born and lived most of his life, with a street carnival and other festivities. (Travel, 2011) In the meantime, several marriages are made. The most popular saint is Saint John, he is celebrated in many cities and towns throughout the country on the night of the 23rd-24th, especially in Porto and Braga, where the sardines, and plastic hammers to hammer in another persons head for luck are indispensable. The final saint is Saint Peter, celebrated in the night of 28th-29th, especially in Póvoa de Varzim and Barcelos, the festivities are similar to the others, but more dedicated to the sea and with an extensive use of fire. (Travel, 2011) In Póvoa de Varzim, there is theRusgas in the night, another sort of street carnival. Each festivity is a municipal holiday in the cities and towns where it occurs. (www.Lets Go, . 1960)
Carnival is also widely celebrated in Portugal, some traditional carnivals date back several centuries. Loulé, Alcobaça, Mealhada, Funchal,Torres Vedras, Ovar and Figueira da Foz, among several other localities, hold several days of festivities, with parades where social and political criticism abound, along with music and dancing in an environment of euphorya. (www.Lets Go, 1960) There are some localities which preserve a more traditional carnival with typical elements of the ancient carnival traditions of Portugal and Europe. However, several parades in most localities have adopted many elements of the tropical Brazilian Carnival.
On January 6, Epiphany is celebrated by some families, especially in the North and Center, where the family gathers to eat "Bolo-Rei", a cake made with crystallized fruits; this is also the time for the traditional street songs - "As Janeiras".
In the next two tables we will inform our clients of a few facts that they may want to know about these two countries.
Economy & currency exchange
Industry & trade
Safety & crime rates
Area & geography
Language spoken
Textiles & apparel, food & beverages, metals and metal manufactures, chemicals, shipbuilding, machine tools, tourism, and refractory products
Moderately safe and crime rate is at 45 per 1000 inhabitants
Temperate, clear, hot summers in interior, more moderate and cloudy along the coast, cloudy cold winters, partly cloudy and cool along coast
505,370 sq km
Large, flat to dissected plateau surrounded by rugged hills and Pyrenees Mountains in the north
Castilian Spanish is official, but Catalan, Galician, and Basque is also spoken
Market economy
Automobiles and transport components, agricultural products, machinery and tools, textiles, clothing, footwear, paper pulp and cork, wine, plastic moulds, and tomato paste.
Low rate of violent crime, but petty crime is a reality in some areas
The overall crime rate is 15.5%
Maritime temperate, cool and rainy in the north, warmer and drier in the south
92,391 km sq
Mountainous north of the Tagus River, rolling plains in the south
Major Cities
Time Zone
Culinary contributions
Medical records
Unique laws
Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia,
Central European Time Zone
Internet, media, industries of aerospace, renewable energies, they are up to date
Seafood, paella, sopa fria, gazpacho, tapas, churro
Routine vaccines, influenza, chickenpox, polio, measles, hepatitis B, and tetanus
Animals can get arrest for stealing, it’s against the law to insult other drivers
Republic, parliamentary democracy
Lisbon and Porto
Western European Summer time
Up to date, European space agency, laboratory for particle physics, ITER
Esfiha, tabouli, kubbah, spices
Routine vaccines, influenza, chickenpox, polio, measles, hepatitis B, and tetanus
Illegal to pee in the ocean
Section Three: Creating the Trip
Throughout this amazing tour in Spain and Portugal, our clients will see some of the most beautiful parts of each country. Not only that but they will experience many historical attractions, amazing architecture, cathedrals, and the exciting nightlife. As well they will be able to participate in their foreign cultures by walking in the streets and getting a closer view, as they interact with the local residents. They will embark on activities such as walking tour of Barcelona, Vespa, Scooter and moped tours, river cruises, canoeing, visiting museums, and of course dancing in the most diverse and lively nightclub.
Free Travel has partnered with the government in both countries to give the clients the most out of their tour. They will be taking many kinds of transportation from the beautiful city of Barcelona all the way to the heart of Portugal, Lisbon. (Travel, 2011) Clients will be getting on buses, cars, planes, and even Vespas. The whole trip has been planned, but like our motto says, “Our wallet satisfied is a client satisfied”. Of course we have planned free days in which the clients are free to choose what they will do to spend their day and night. We don’t want them to be tired; we want them to relax in their hotels, spas, museums, and of course to some shopping. (FERREN, 2012)
Not only do we have their travel taken care of, but we also have made some connections and partnered up with many hospitality companies to make sure our clients have a splendid vacation and a wonderful place to put their adventures to sleep.
Section Four: Planning the Detailed Itinerary
We have partnered with American Airlines for their flight departure and for their flight back into Colorado, as well we have reserved first class tickets and all the meals are included. As well to not waste more than one day of their trip the flight that we have reserved for them has no stops, so they will arrive to Spain that same day. (Spain, 1999)
In the next table we have arranged the trip in what we believe will give them a fuller experience. What we have done is arranged three days in each city, this makes it better for them to get to enjoy each city to the fullest, and because we all know that a city can’t be seen in just one day. Also in the trip we have given the clients apart from the three days, two days in which they are completely free to enjoy it to the max and do as they wish.
the trip
Country & City
Entertainment, Food & Beverage
May 18
Leave Denver at 5:35 PM and arrive in Madrid at 8:35 PM
First Class Tickets including meals
Clients will check into the Wellington Hotel
None, just on the airplane the food and beverage is included in the plan.
Hotel includes free breakfast
May 19-21
Bus, Vespa, and walking
Madrid, Spain
Fee for the bus is waived as we have a voucher for the client
Plaza de Oriente
Restaurant Casa Mingo
Madrid Vision
Flamenco Show at Torres Bermejas
May 22-23
Madrid, Spain
Free entrances to the clients chose of place
Theater of Joy Eslava
El Son Nightclub
Isolee Cafe
May 24-26
Bus, Boat, and walking
Leave Madrid on a bus, then take a boat to the city of Palma
Check into the Hotel Isla Mallorca & Spa
Free transportation
Lunch provided on the boat, free scuba diving
Restaurant S’Ametller
B Connected Concept Store
Pacha Nightclub
Palma de Mallorca Shore Excursion
May 27-28
City of Palma
Free Vespa and boat vouchers
Panoramic Mallorca Boat Trip to Formentor Beach
Restaurant Es Bigotes
Croissant Show
Western Water Park Trip on Mallorca
May 29-31
Airplane, bus, walking
Take plane from Palma to Lisbon, Portugal
Plane ticket is included in travel Packet, check into
The Tivoli Lisboa Hotel
Joshua’s Shoarma Grill
Private Tour to Queluz Palace, Mafra, Ericeira and Sintra UNESCO world heritage site
Go see the sighting of Castelo de Sao Jorge
Lisbon, Portugal
Free vouchers valid at any destination the client chooses
Casino Lisboa
Chiado Shopping Center
Com Alma Caffe
Bus and Walking
Lisbon, Portugal
Everything is free and meals included
Obidos, Nazare, Fatima, and Batalha Day Trip
June 6
Free Day
Plane, bus, and walking
Take plane back to Madrid, Spain
Check into the Wellington Hotel where a meal and free use of spa will be provided
Morocco Nightclub
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos Restaurant
Plaza de Toro’s Bull Show
June 7
Pack and take airplane from Madrid back to Denver, Colorado
Flight ticket is included in packet, first class, and meals provided
Breakfast at the hotel
Section Five: Financial Perspective
Free travel wants to really make an impact in their clients’ lives, so we know that right now the economy is not at its best position. For a lot of people traveling seems impossible, even more impossible is to travel outside the country. (Media, 2012) However, we have come to the rescue! With us we price our products at an affordable price, to where anyone no matter their money status can buy even our best packets. By doing this and putting our prices lower than our competition we believe our profit will be bigger than most of our competitors. We believe that it is better to sacrifice a slice of the pie, because it will later bring us a whole pie in return. We are not afraid to put our prices down, from experience we know just how low to put our prices. Since we are a business we don’t want to lower our prices so much to where we are making no profit and giving our clients everything for free.
The cost of this entire trip will be in our calculations $4,000 dollars. It may seem like a large amount of money, but once we break it down to you it will seem like nothing. Especially if you compare it to the other companies.
The trip cost breaks down like this:
Airfare $900
Hotels $600
Transportation $450
Accommodation $550
Food & Beverage $450
Activities $450
Shopping $600
Total $4,000
Our price compared to other is quite competitive, because we are offering our clients so much for such a small price. Not only that but in what we are offering we are giving them the best like first class flights and the 5 start hotels. Clients pay our prices, because they know that only we can bring them the best and at a low price. Once they see what is offered in our travel packets they will see its more than what they are paying for. They way we arrived at the price were by seeing how much the airplane tickets were, that’s the first step. Second we saw the price of the hotel rooms per night and then made our calculations for the rest of the things. (Spain, 1999)
We believe that our profit margin for us being tourism promoters will be about 50%. The reason being is that we are confident in our clients and believe we have a 50/50 chance in selling our travel packets. So, even if we didn’t sell one travel packets it wouldn’t be a total loss. However if we did sell the packets and more clients came the profit we would make would be greater, because most people think that a lower price means cheaper.
To us this helps, because more people will come and as well buy our travel packets. What helps this price and our profit is that people always want more at a low price and that is what we offer. With other companies they don’t want to sac rife even a penny, so they sell everything they offer at double the price they paid to make it available.
Section Six: Reflections, Action Plans, and Recommendations
When completing a tour development process there are a lot of actions that need to be taken into consideration. (www.States Embassy, 1996) The most important one that needs to be taken is the clients, one has to get to know them and see what the customer wants. After a client goes and talks to you, you need to see what is the best travel packet to satisfy with their needs, it is not proper to just benefit your company without benefiting the clients.
I have now learned what it takes to create a travel plan; as well I have learned what it takes to put a tourist place together. Not only that but it has shown me that research is very important when it comes to seeing how to give your clients a pleasant experience in a place where you have control, even more where you have not gone. Recommendations for future plans would be to plan the trip with more time. As well to get to know the clients more, and see how many partnerships you can get in a lot of destinations. To expand your business and get more deals with many destinations will bring you a bigger profit.
Section Seven: Brochure and Final Presentation
Free Travel
Spain and Portugal are waiting!For a limited time we are offering clients a trip of a lifetime.
In this exclusive packet we have prepared a 21 day journey through these wonderful countries. Clients will have an opportunity to visit cities like Madrid, Palma, and Lisbon.
Once you buy the packet everything is taken care of. All you have to do is enjoy and have fun. All is included in the packet the first class flight with meals included. The hotels, transportation, activities, accommodations, and even food and beverages.
Come and enjoy the incredible nightlife of Madrid! Its amazing cathedrals, plazas, and its wonderful and exciting Plaza de Toro’s!
Not only have that but got ready to see more of Spain, by going deep into the island of Palma!!! With its wonderful beaches, scuba diving and amazing sunsets it’s a dream come true.
Spain is waiting! Come see the historical landmarks, and enjoy the fine cuisine.
The adventure does not stop there Portugal is just a few steps away, as it offers its very diverse culture.
Lisbon at the heart of its city offers so much to the tourists. What it offers doesn’t have a price that is the friendliness of its locals. As they do anything to help make the tourist get the best from their country.
All of this and more is waiting. Come and explore all the festivals, nightlife, historical sites, and culture.
Now for only the month of may come and get $100 dollars off!!!
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(Spain and Portugal Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Spain and Portugal Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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... Spain Introduction Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain is to be found in southwestern Europe in the Iberian Peninsula and forms part of the European Union. Spain borders France, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Andorra and Portugal. The official currency of Spain is Euros and the official language of Spain is Spanish. Spain is mix of different people and cultures with native Spaniards forming more than 80 percent of the population and the rest made of Latin Americans, North Africans, Asians and Eastern Europe including French, German and British. Spain is a scenic country with combination of lush green mountains, volcanoes, plateaus, Islands and rivers. The Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Balearic Islands...
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Portugal Perspective

...? Unit Introduction Portugal’s perspective on European Union expanding and allowing in more member countriessuch as Turkey and Iceland has created a big debate among member states. According to Claude (2004), European Union admits any country that has fulfilled political, economic, and democratic criteria for membership. It has gone ahead and increased its number from six to 27 members. Each treaty admits new members but requires the approval of other member states. The Union also assesses its capacity to absorb new members, as well as the capability of its institutions to work properly. As a result of this kind of enlargement, democracy has been improved and Europe has become more secure. Portugal agrees with European Union enlargement...
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Unemployment in the European Nations Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece

...?Unemployment in the European nations of Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece Unemployment, a major menace to the society has prevailed through the times and the problem has become more chronic and serious at the present moment. In the current situation of unemployment, most of the countries irrespective of the fact whether they are developing or developed are a victim of unemployment. Unemployment might be defined as the number of person searching for job with their full initiative yet not getting one. People averse of working at any existing wage rate, for any reason what so ever, are considered as "economically inactive". Hence these people do not fall amidst the domain of Unemployment. The thing that makes unemployment most dangerous...
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Getting to Know Portugal

...? International Business in Portugal First Introduction A business involved in global business neednot only be familiar with its country’s laws but also with international laws governing the land. Most laws are different depending upon the country. Some particular laws though local have significant impact on the international laws. Most countries require that the goods their citizens consumes are safe and of a certain quality. This therefore means that for the company to produce goods, the company has to ensure that the goods produced meet the required standards (Sitkin, & Bowen, 2013). The other important issue that changes in different countries is the taxation. Different countries tax different amounts for different goods. A person...
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Sainsbury in Portugal

...Sainsbury in Portugal January 2007 Distribution: Sainsbury in Portugal should be different not just from the nature of its branding in the UK, but from the rest of Europe as well, because the people of Lisbon and of other urban centers in the country have distinct food and beverage preferences. A local economy which is backward and underdeveloped relative to major European Union members, poor educational levels, a casual work ethic, entrenched bureaucracy, and the paucity of well developed chains of branded food stores, are principal issues for Sainsbury to address, for which recommendations are listed in the body of this report. Terms of Reference This report is addressed to the Director of European Operations for Sainsbury, and covers...
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Blue Ridge Spain

...Blue Ridge Spain Blue Ridge is a fast food chain created in Virginia. Blue Ridge was acquired by an investment group which introduced Blue Ridge to the International market. After being bought by a beverage company Blue Ridge and the beverage company were sold to Delta Foods for 2 billion American dollars. Yannis Costas and his mentor, Bennett developed a partnership with a Spanish man named Terraluman. The Blue Ridge Spain venture was formed. The joint venture of Blue Ridge and Terraluman to form Blue Ridge Spain is at an impasse because of cultural differences. Although, Blue Ridge was originally an American company, Blue Ridge’s employees came from different countries. The lack of cultural training at Blue Ridge doomed...
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...SPAIN The culture of Spain is world famous. One of the main reasons for its fame is that many cultures and peoples have influenced it and that for many years Spain was an open country that did lots of trading and commerce with the world. Its artists and craftsmen were famous, and many religions were present in the country. It was seen by some to be a crossroads between Europe and North Africa. Indeed, to this day, Spain maintains possessions in North Africa near Morocco. To prove this larger point people point to the fact that Spanish derives from Latin but also borrowed several words from Arabic. Spains cultural melting pot became much richer during the Middle Ages in part because of the large and influential Jewish population...
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Economics- Topic is on PIIGS or PIGS which refers to the economies of portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain. Briefly explain the Piigs issue in regards to the world economy

...Prediction of PIIGS Seriousness: Effects on World Economy Glaring challenges facing the European countries termed as PIIGS are economically potent than many other major challenges facing the modern European states such as energy and climate change. In the recent economic crunch, many countries struggled to fight off uncontrollable public debt which threatened their very sustenance in the foreseeable future. In fact, some of them were in dire need of bail-outs as an intervention to the teething realities that their fortunes of economic performance presented. Low competitiveness for the countries acted as a major hindrance to economic augmentation while current account deficits proved to be uncontrollably high for them (Holger, 42... of PIIGS...
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Report about Portugal

Country Profile: Portugal Overview Portuguese Flag Key Events and Important s in Portugal’s History Portugal’s current geographic location contains a rich and diverse history that dates back some 30,000 years, with the earliest evidence of human habitation found in the ancient Palaeolithic inscriptions near Vila Nova de Foz Coa in the Alto Douro (Lonely Planet, 2011). The Romans, who invaded the Iberian Peninsula from the Carthaginians arrived in 216BC and named the whole peninsula Hispania. After the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th Century, Hispania was overrun at first by Germanic tribes, and then by Moors from North Africa in 711, who took control of large parts of present day Portugal (McDonald et al, 2004). By 868,...
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Co-Integration, Causality and Export-Led Growth in Portugal

...Co-integration, causality and Export-led growth in Portugal, 1835 to1985 by Les Oxley This study focuses on exploring the relationship between real GDP and real Exports by using bivariate co-integration and Granger causality. Recent researchers have widely accepted the export lead economic growth hypotheses. However author of the current study advocates co-integration has not been estimated in most of the recent empirical analyses. Alternatively simple Granger-type tests and arbitrary lag lengths are employed by these researchers for testing the hypothesis which states the export growth causes economic growth in countries. Statistical reliability of accepting Export Lead Economic Growth hypothesis in these studies is questioned...
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... Spain: Overall Culture With a population of 45,000,000, Spain is the second biggest nation in the European Union, following France and has a total land area of 505,000 square kilometers (Christopher, Bill, and Begona 1). Relatively, it’s bigger than California and smaller than Texas. Geographically, Spain is split into three major parts: Mainland (Peninsular Spain), North African territories (Melilla and Ceuta) the Islands (Canary and Balearic islands) (Kohen, Elizabeth, and Marie 7). The mainland constitutes approximately 95% of the total land area in Spain (Lior, and Tara 11). Spain is re-known as the land of flamenco and bullfights, blazing heat and dusty landscape churches and castles. Moreover, it is also home to a rich cultural...
7 Pages(1750 words)Research Paper

Ongoing Greek Drama: Discuss impact of a potential Greeces default and expulsion from the Euro zone/ European Union. Will other nations such as Spain, Portugal & Italy be next. Discuss pros & cons of such a move

The major problem has been enabling the coping abilities of countries which have been mostly affected. In the Eurozone, Greece has been the most affected by the financial crisis. The responsibility of the Eurozone in such situations is increasing its funding to the affected countries. The deficit margin in Greece is, however, large, and nations in the Eurozone would be massively affected if the country is bailed out from this situation. For this reason, the debate of expelling Greece from the Eurozone was raised. However, Greece can only exit the Eurozone from its own will. The country has considered the move but criticism from its citizens made it impossible. This paper will analyze the likely impact on Greece and the Eurozone if...
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Specifics of the Banking System of Spain

...What is the market structure of the banking market in the Spanish economy? How do different banks compete? In a monetary and credit system of Spain there are about 150 banks with an aggregate number of branches 17 727 and the general number of workers 138 386 persons. The prominent feature of bank system of Spain is exclusively high level of concentration and centralization of manufacture and the capital. From the middle of 1980th, especially after the entering EU, this process has even more amplified. On a share of 4 leading Spanish banks there are over 60 % of bank deposits of the country. The high level of centralization of the capital is the characteristic for the Spanish savings banks. In the beginning of 1990th as a result...
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The Impact of EU Membership on Spain

... Introduction: At the outset, the purpose of research is to undertake an original investigation in order to gain and knowledge about a particular area or a specific problem. Therefore, it will include all work of relevance to the area that is being investigated. Materials and various types of sources can be examined in order to verify and establish the existing facts and use them as the basis to reach new conclusions. The specific area this research study aims to explore is the impact of EU membership on Spain. This impact is proposed to be examined from various angles, including changes it has brought about in Spain in politics, policies, the economy and other areas. Hence, bearing this purpose of this study in mind, the research...
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How the Golden Age of Spain is Reflected in La Celestina

... How the Golden Age of Spain is Reflected In Fernando de Rojas’s La Celestina La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas is a piece of Golden Age literature from Spain which duly reflects the society of those times. Perhaps most importantly, La Celestina is a window into how the lives of Spanish women were affected by the social restrictions of the times. The roles of women were very limited in Spain, and, certain roles—particularly the young unmarried woman, the married woman, and the chaperone or go-between—each had their own place within society back then. The average young woman in Spain was available for marriage at approximately age 14. Right after getting her menses, the young Spanish woman was considered...
12 Pages(3000 words)Book Report/Review

Sign Language in Spain

..., the only way for them to get their messages and ideas across would be to act them out in front of others (Bauman 16). In Spain, written history of sign language dates back in 17th century. Juan Pablo Bonet (1620) published the Reduccion de las letras y arte para ensenar a hablar a los mudos (Reduction of letters and art for teaching mute people to speak in 1620 in Madrid. His work is considered the pioneer in integrating phonetics and speech therapy. Meanwhile, in the 18th century, Charles-Michel de L’Epee came up with his own sign language while based in Paris – the Old French Sign Language, patterned after the natural sign language already being used there – that spread relatively quickly, which should hint at the extent of its utility...
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Haro Wine Festival Spain

...Haro Wine Festival Spain Haro Wine Festival Spain Introduction Haro wine festival is one of the outstanding festivals in Spain and the rest of the world today. It is celebrated in Haro which is a town in the northwestern part of La Rioja province, Spain. The festival is held every year on June 29th. The main activities of this festival include a mass, wine drinking contests and competitions and a ‘Battle of Wine’ (Batalla de Vino), eating and bullfights (Zapaday, 2013) The history of this competition is dated back to the year 1710. It began when worshipers started celebrating after a mass by throwing and pouring wine at each other. Although this is the time when the competition was born, it did not gain much popularity until the 1945...
11 Pages(2750 words)Term Paper

Welsh and the Galician Language in the Northwestern Part of Spain

... in Galicia which is an autonomous society that can be traced in the northern part of Spain (Baxter, 2013). Evidently, within the region, the Galician language is used as the official language alongside the Spanish language. In fact, the language has spanned well over the neighboring regions of Asturias which are located along the borders of the countries Spain and Portugal. It is worth noting that the language is also used in the larger region of Latin America, United States of America and also in Switzerland by the immigrants from the Galician region (Beswick, 2002). On the other hand, the Welsh language is grouped under languages falling within the category of the Brythonic branch of the Celtic languages spoken in the country of Wales...
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The Impact of Standardization on the Accounting Industry and Professionals in Spain

Standardization involves the formulation and implementation of technical standards essential in maximizing and enhancing safety, repeatability, quality, compatibility, and interoperability (Shailaja 319). For decades, the need for a smooth flow of commerce and trade led to the standardization of goods and services.
The process of standardization entails the development, formulation, and relevance of established standards. It involves the incorporation of scientific research and the utilization of experiences to establish the required and precise technical requirements for a particular aspect of innovation and technology. The result of the study and experience is a “standard.” A standard is a document formulated by...
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Useful Data about Spain for Tourists

...Get Out There And Go! Introduction In the given assignment Spain is considered to be the best place for a tourist. The assignment intends to provide a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of Spain for a tourist. The assignment purposes to show a brief knowledge of the airfare and the hotels of the nation. Further, the means of ground transportation and the weather of the nation at that period of time are also considered in the assignment. The cultural and the language familiarity of the tourists from the US are also highlighted. Moreover, a generic idea about the currency exchange rate and the knowledge of the local cuisines in the restaurants is also revealed. Furthermore, it provides a brief knowledge along with overview...
6 Pages(1500 words)Essay
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