What was the Monroe Doctrine and what impact has it had on American history - Essay Example

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It was coined and declared by President James Monroe to curtail colonization and interference of Sothern and Northern American states by the European countries. It presented…
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What was the Monroe Doctrine and what impact has it had on American history
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Monroe Doctrine and its Impact on American History Monroe Doctrine and its Impact on American History Meaning of Monroe Doctrine Monroe Doctrine is the 1823’s United States foreign policy that focused on Latin American nations. It was coined and declared by President James Monroe to curtail colonization and interference of Sothern and Northern American states by the European countries. It presented avenues for United States intervention against European Countries that extended their aggressive activities amongst the aforementioned states.
The Doctrine also restrained US from meddling with European countries’ already conquered states. In addition, United States had to keep a distance from distracting internal activities of European nations and their concerns (Sexton, 2011, p. 87). The restrictions ushered to curb the remaining Latin American colonies under Spain and Portugal from gaining the looming independence from Portuguese, as well as Spanish Empires. Together with Britain, United purposed to ascertain total refrain by European Powers into the barred states.
Impact of Doctrine to American History
The immediate success is that continental powers did not revive the Spanish empire as a result of the British strong Navy following the weakness in U.S military. It never spread like a national doctrine to curb the threat to interest Americans and got hidden from American history for a decade. It culminate to France relinquishing the Maximilian.
Besides, Spain stopped interfering with Dominican Republic in 1965. It allowed Unites States forcefully to regulate Dominican Republic’s customs with an objective to revive its economy. It also led to a military confrontation in Haiti and Nicaragua. Monroe doctrine led to harmonious linkages between US and UK (Sexton, 2011, p. 54).
Sexton, J. (2011). The Monroe Doctrine: Empire and nation in nineteenth-century America. Read More
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