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Use of Satellites by the US Military to Improve Battlefield Awareness - Essay Example

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It is more evident from the works of various researches that the American military rely heavily in satellite technology in the warfare. Collection of intelligence and locating targets are mostly enabled by the satellite surveillance. …
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Use of Satellites by the US Military to Improve Battlefield Awareness
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Extract of sample "Use of Satellites by the US Military to Improve Battlefield Awareness"

Download file to see previous pages Evidences in support of this are the depth and range of research on this topic carried out by various scholars and interested parties. Their recent operations and raids have utilized space surveillance as a method of staying alert in the battle field.
Technology and military theory, as well as the manner, in which it is applied during war and the impact of the aforementioned on the society, will be looked into keenly with the analysis of the works of various researchers on the topic. Another aspect will be that of information warfare. There are other researches on related topics, which support this view from different angles but with similar findings as will be realized subsequently. Revolution in military affairs has put technology in the right perspective when it comes to battlefield awareness. The US military as history has it, made heavy investments on military technology with space craft's as a priority1. Use of devices that collect data before putting up a plan of attack while at war takes center stage in the US military operation layout.
The socioeconomic paradigm of each era in the US reflects on the investments made in ensuring victory over the wars. In so doing, poor return on technological investments scales escalate. Errors in judgments are associated with such technologies resulting to retarded economic progress. This may be referred to as information war that involves a lot of tact in locating targets and monitoring the movement of the opposite parties. Other theorists have made attempts to predict how information warfare has capabilities of providing dominant information awareness about the battle space. Manipulation and exploitation of the enemy electronic system or even destroying the enemy station comes as a preference in times of war. Aerial bombing falls as a strategy of intimidating the enemy. In order to apply it effectively, the US must survey the ground structure and set ups so as to locate the targets. Defenseless cities become devastated and terrify societies other than demoralizing the enemy. Air strikes are the most applied methods of attack; the US military air jet fighters have precise technological devices that take care of space view other than the satellites. The ability of any military to combat the enemies from advancing using cyberspace uses information technology. Information warfare has been the yardstick to cyberspace application in the warfare. A network of satellites acts as a bridge between ideas and action universally. This has enabled a god's eye view of the planet including all ongoing activities. A typical application of this is border incursion, which may be thwarted immediately advances are made. New technology changes the application used in the space warfare at a relatively fast rate2.Technological innovations increase the risk of vulnerability hence the Americans military to keep up their research and advancement in space satellite surveillance. This is not only applied during the war, but through the day to day activities in the military and space science research fields. Peer competitors of the US on a face off proved it all with an attack on US space satellite system, GPS and other communication systems. What followed was a nuclear, electromagnetic burst within the space this destabilized more than 50 percent of the military infrastructure on information that the weapon systems rely. Innovations have brought about changes in the warfare with dramatic change of doctrines within the military. Revolution in the US military may be given a non conclusive definition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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