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Raised by a single mother, I am not a stranger to adversity. I have been a constant witness to how my mother struggled to make ends…
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College admission application
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Download file to see previous pages e, my mother found us a place and I stayed in daycare most of the day, spending 10-18 hours with strangers while my mother went to work and attend college. There are many struggles my mother went through that I have seen with my own eyes which this paper would not suffice to contain. Needless to say, such struggles molded something in me, something beautiful, beautiful dream that I would like to pursue.
One of the most challenging struggles that my mother and I went through was when my grandmother met a life-threatening car accident when I was eight. I still remember how devastated I felt. As if that was not enough, time tested our strength and resilience that same year when my grandfather went through a quadruple bypass surgery and lost his right leg because of a blockage in his foot. Still, we survived that year of great adversity. My grandparents recovered from their medical conditions and life went on. Deep inside though, a seed of admiration and determination was planted in my heart. I greatly admired my mother for showing how strong she is in such troubled times. I looked up to her and told myself that I will be like her, working hard and being courageous in facing the trials in my life. I made up my mind that I will study hard to become a teacher and be the first grandchild in the family to finish college. At the same time, I promised myself to be as determined as I always saw my mother to be. Through the years of adversity, I nurtured those seeds in my heart and have seen them grow and bear beautiful and rare flowers.
When I entered high school, I worked hard to be in the varsity cheerleading squad. Simultaneously, I volunteered in nursing homes, daycare and homeless shelters. As a junior, I was honored with the “Best Jumper” and “Super Junior” awards. As a result, I became the captain of the team during my senior year. Last summer, I was also given the “All American Award” at the UCA Camp for cheerleading and was invited to apply for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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College Admission Application / Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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