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Human Resource Management Final Exam - Case Study Example

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The paper contains a Human Resource management final exam. The author discusses the issues and how a company can prevent this from happening or how they should handle it now or in the future, for example, a member of staff is about to retire, leaving the business utterly devoid of a key capability. …
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Human Resource Management Final Exam
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Management Final Exam"

Download file to see previous pages Employees’ behavior in terms of delivery of their services to the organization is a very complex business consideration in today’s business environment. Bearing in mind the above highlighted managerial positions, it is important that the appropriate decision taken by Greg regarding the firing, disciplinary action or retention of Pollack as an undisciplined employee will be dependent on the following considerations.
Modern employment issues surround employees’ satisfaction in terms of needs and the support that the employer offers to them. In case the employment environment is not conducive enough, the employees might be forced to engage in undesirable conduct, such as the one Polack engages in. in view of the circumstances of the case, it would be appropriate for Greg to establish if his organization is offering the appropriate support to Pollack in terms of finances. Investigations should be done to reveal if the work carried out by Pollack coincide with the current market offers in order to establish if he can meet his labor delivery costs. A review of his pay package could be a consideration worth making if it ends his desires to meet such costs not enabled by his employment remuneration. Other employee welfare issues would be worth a follow-up in order to establish whether the environment is conducive.
Without making the above-mentioned decision-making considerations in order to give the best business verdict, Greg would be making the wrong management decisions regarding modern human resource perspectives. Modern human resource perspectives are a huge departure of the old personnel management which was less sensitive on the employees’ affairs. Greg will, therefore, have to make the above considerations since it is the most advisable approach in human resource management to handle employee welfare in a sensitive manner.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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