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The Significance for Employees of the Decline in Trade Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining - Term Paper Example

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This paper evaluates the decline of union recognition and the concomitant impact on employee relations. To this end, it is submitted at the outset that the decline in recognition and collective bargaining is inherently complex and whilst clearly raising implications for employee rights…
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The Significance for Employees of the Decline in Trade Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining
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Extract of sample "The Significance for Employees of the Decline in Trade Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining"

Download file to see previous pages The continuous development of different working structures to accommodate the modern business environment has rendered the complex area of employment law a legal minefield. The significant variances in contemporary working relationship structures have compounded the need for legal certainty whilst simultaneously ensuring that justice is served in individual cases to address employee rights.  In the UK, the symbolic importance of the trade union has been the ability of the union to spearhead the redress in the inherent imbalance between employer and employee in employee relations particularly in addressing employee grievances Indeed, Rose refers to the assertions of leading labor historian Pelling that:
However, Brown and Nash argue that the end of the 20th century has seen a marked decline in collective bargaining (2004). Moreover, in considering the rationale and significance of this for employee rights within the workplace, Brown and Nash compare workplace employment relations surveys from 1998 and 2004 to assess how far this has changed during economic growth and sympathetic legislation era (2004). In undertaking, this research, Brown, and Nash conclude that collective bargaining has continued to fall and often in small firms and the private sector (2004). Accordingly, this points to the continued importance of union recognition for public sector employees.
Additionally, Gennard and Judge highlight the point that the decline in trade union recognition and collective bargaining is correlated to the interrelationship with declining memberships (2005). This, in turn, has left some commentators to argue that New Labour’s policies had distinct parallels with Thatcherism in binding trade unions, which cemented the trend of decline in recognition and collective bargaining (Chadwick and Heffernan, 2003: 49). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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