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These qualities should be used together with knowledge and skills in the context of the organizational culture and context. A good leader…
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HRM - Forum discussion reply to Sharon on Can team work improve staff development
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HRM-Response Leaders who hope to train or retrain a team should first evaluate themselves so as to capitalize on their own naturalpersonality qualities. These qualities should be used together with knowledge and skills in the context of the organizational culture and context. A good leader will need to make sure that his team thoroughly understand the reason for their existence by helping the team grasp its goals. In Qatar this means establishing a workable schedule through which work gets done while still respecting and adhering to religious and cultural norms. Most male team members who are native to Qatar may have never interacted with female colleagues of the female gender and may find it hard to accomplish their set goals due to cultural inhibitions. These have to be overcome.
Learning and development is generally hampered by long held traditions and cultural practices in Qatar. International standards of business practice many times conflict with nationally acceptable business practice. In western cultures the organization is a separate entity form its owners and is treated as so. However, in Qatari culture business, friendship, and family are all part and parcel of life, which makes establishing boundaries difficult. Understanding the way the Qatari culture operates will help in the enhancement the companies corporate image while at the same time making it possible to enhance teamwork and employees co-operation and teamwork (Huszczo, 2004).
Understanding the culture in Qatar helps in defining the roles in teams more clearly boosting interpersonal relationships. Team members must mutually agree upon procedures so that there is teamwork is fostered.
Huszczo, G. E. (2004). Tools for Team Leadership: Delivering the X Factor in Team Excellence. California: Daves-Black Publishing. Read More
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