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Managing Employment Relations: Oxford Health Care International (OHCI) - Essay Example

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This paper uses the various theories of employment relations to analyze the employment relations practices of Oxford Health Care International. The theories fall into three broad categories: unitarism, pluralism, and Marxism. Based on the analyses, the author makes a number of recommendations…
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Managing Employment Relations: Oxford Health Care International (OHCI)
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Extract of sample "Managing Employment Relations: Oxford Health Care International (OHCI)"

Download file to see previous pages OHCI is an Oxford UK-based manufacturer of the medical gas equipment. The company was established fifty years ago as a small family business. Over the last five years, under new management, the company has experienced considerable growth and opened a French subsidiary called Dijon Health Care (DHC)(Anon., n.d.). DHC is managed by Stefan Borcieu a cousin who married into the family that owns OHCI. OHCI mainly serves EU hospitals, although expansion in recent years has seen the company export to countries outside Europe. A year ago, for the first time in its history, the company recruited a Personnel Officer, charged with handling the company HRM issues.
Unitarians see the relationship between the employer and employees as one of cooperation, even though they recognize that time and again, conflicts may arise between the two parties(Abbott, 2006). Unitarians see the interests of the two parties as being common such that no conflict may reach the point of rendering the firm insolvent; the two will always work their way out of the conflict as it is in their best interest to do so. Any division that might exist between management and employees is seen as a product of personality disorders, flaws in the recruitment and promotion procedures, social deviance or poor communication. In order to ensure that such division does not disturb the otherwise healthy relationship between management and employees, management should do due diligence to stamp out elements of trouble at the earliest possible opportunity, usually during recruitment. The three unitarist theories of employment relations are described below briefly and OHCI analyzed against them.
Scientific Management Theory
This theory starts off from the assumption that, by their nature, employees are lazy and pursue narrow, short-term goals(Abbott, 2006). Thus, given the opportunity, they will avoid work whenever possible. These attributes of the employees are inimical to the interests of the firm. Therefore, management should move with speed and exercise firm control over the employees if the goals of the organization are to be realized. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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