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According to Shapiro (2010), it is one thing to identify the need for change within an organization, another thing finding out the type of change that needs to take place, and an entirely different thing to successfully implement change. All the processes involved in change…
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HR Alignment
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School: Topic: HR ALIGNMENT Lecturer: According to Shapiro , it is one thing to identify the need for change within an organization, another thing finding out the type of change that needs to take place, and an entirely different thing to successfully implement change. All the processes involved in change within organizations are very important but when it comes to the implementation of change, a leader needs to be outstanding to successfully put all sides of the change parameters together. It is for this reason that I consider the Head of Corporate Affairs at my current organization as a person I believe is successful at leading and implementing change. What makes this leader successful is that when he took over his position, there was growth retardation issue with the organization. There was however a change agenda prepared by the past management to gain growth in a period of five years. Even though the Head of Corporate Affairs was not part of the drawing of the change agenda, he could put every needed resource together and organize the human resource he came to meet in such a way that in just three years, the five year growth plan was already yielding results.
Based on the initiative taken by the leader and the approach used in achieving the success, there are three major lesson I have learnt about the most critical components of leading and implementing change. The first of this is a willpower, which acts as an intrinsic motivation for the person who is to effect the change. This is because even though the leader was not part of the proponents of the change, he had a very strong will to ensure that the goals set were achieved. The second is exemplary leadership. Very specifically about our leader, it was observed that he did not just on board to order others around. Rather, he would always take the lead in doing something, which made all others follow suit. Finally, the need to stick to plan is very necessary for any change agenda. The reason this is said is that at all times, the leader ensured that there was no deviation from what needed to be done. In the opinion of Denton (1996), change processes that are not implemented with much focus often fail because there is deviation into doing what is not originally part of the plan.
Denton, D. K. (1996). Four simple rules for leading change. Empowerment in Organizations, 4(4), 59.
Shapiro, J. (2010). Benchmarking the benchmarks. HRMagazine, 55(4), 43-46. Read More
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HR Alignment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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