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This ensures that everything is done right and that there is always someone that the buck stops with in case of any inefficiency in production or supply chain. BP…
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HR assignment for BP
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HUMAN RESOURCE (HR) – CASE STUDY OF BRITISH PETROLEUM Tariq Al-Sharif of Plymouth BA (Hons) Business Administration Big companiesare made up of individuals who are mandated to take charge of every single aspect of the operations. This ensures that everything is done right and that there is always someone that the buck stops with in case of any inefficiency in production or supply chain. BP has both supply and production levels, both of which need to be managed properly. A line manager, sometimes referred to as a direct manager, is in charge of functional and administrative management of the employees in their charge (Gomez-Mejia and Robert, 2008). They manage them directly and report any issues related to their duty to the top management. They are a very core part of the human resource management of any big company. Still under line managers, there are front-line managers who act as teams leaders and supervisors and report to the line mangers they work under. Having line managers makes the overall management function of a company simple and well coordinated (Gomez-Mejia and Robert, 2008).
To understand how important line managers are, it is necessary to find out what their general duties are(Gomez-Mejia and Robert, 2008). Line managers perform the following management functions:
Handling clients/customers
Checking quality and monitoring work
Allocating rotas and duties
Provision of technical expertise
Managing operation costs
Measuring operational performance

IT training has become an indispensable part of managing a big business with ease. It involves imparting computing skills to employees who run the virtual functions of a business. Today’s big businesses have immensely reduced paper-works and resorted to having very secure databases, and networked computer system which make global outreach not much of a hustle. In this front, BP conducts IT training on regular basis to ensure that the IT systems run effectively and are secure from hacking and other cyber-threats (Han et al, 2006). No business competes favorably today without integrating IT in their core operations. Training must be carried out from time to time in order to conform to the dynamicity of the computer world. At the end of such training, assessments need to be conducted to check if it was done in a manner that meets the prescribed standards (Proctor, 2011).
Line managers and IT training are thus two different sections of a business, but that doesn’t rule out the fact they work harmoniously in order to achieve the goals of a company. They both are very important and must be run efficiently and competently.
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HR Assignment for BP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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