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Competency list with descriptions - Essay Example

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They need to be competent in the field of pattern recognition as well as fluent communication.
The skills listed above will ensure that the applicant chosen for the…
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Competency list with descriptions
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"Competency list with descriptions"

Download file to see previous pages They also need to have worked on similar assignments before. That helps ensure that they know what is expected of them, and they can deliver as required. They need to be approachable as well as easy to deal with since the field requires constant communication with the clients in question so as to meet the standards.
The applicants also need to keep up with the current trends in the proofreading arena. They need to identify the new ways of doing things so as to make their jobs easier. They should be flexible so as to fit in the new trends (Catano, et al., 2009). They also need to exhibit some sense of fluency in English and Chinese since they will be proofreading documents that are in those two languages. With all these competencies as well as the KSAs combination, the applicant is expected to perform and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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