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The importance of Coaching within Raising Employee Perfomance - Research Paper Example

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This is because it provides for professional development of individuals as well as transfer of knowledge from experts to others hence building their skills (Cox, Bachkirova, & Clutterbuck, 2014, pg.33). Coaching thus should be…
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The importance of Coaching within Raising Employee Perfomance
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Extract of sample "The importance of Coaching within Raising Employee Perfomance"

Download file to see previous pages When there individuals within an organization that need to enhance their skills for better operations, coaching thus is done on them to improve their delivery potential as well as make those individuals more productive to the organization (Charness, 2014,pg.87). Coaching therefore will target areas such as skills that need to be developed or strengthened; the lapses that exist in work; behavior and performance output of individuals. When these weak areas are recognized within an organization, the employees are taken through coaching by the managers or supervisors depending on the organizations policy (Charness, 2014, pg.35). A case study that reveals the benefits of coaching can be drawn from the UK rail industry where up to 13 coaches were tasked with the responsibility of increasing the skills of customer service for about 350 people in their organization (customer hosts). As a tool to improve employees output, coaching has had other numerous benefits to UK rail industry including: nurturing and improving an individual’s talent; setting expectations about the employee and making the organization managers accountable; engaging leaders in organization activities; professional satisfaction; boost of employee morale; and overall improvement of the organizational goals. This report therefore aims to discuss coaching explaining its purposes; benefits; and challenges. Additionally, the report will give a brief conclusion on the topic of study.
Coaching can be defined as process that enables an individual to learn and develop skills from a direction and advice provided by a seasoned expert or professional (Crane, & Patrick, 2014, pg.89). Additionally, coaching can be understood as a process that involves directing, training as well as instructing an individual or a group of persons to develop certain skills necessary to achieve some goal. Directions can be given through motivational talks while trainings offered through seminars and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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