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Coaching And Mentoring Programs For Improving Employee Performance - Essay Example

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Coaching and mentoring leadership style is a very important factor and can be employed as a motivational factor for the employee. The paper "Coaching And Mentoring Programs For Improving Employee Performance " discusses what skills required for being an effective coach and mentor…
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Coaching And Mentoring Programs For Improving Employee Performance
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Download file to see previous pages The term ‘mentoring’ is generally used to define a relationship of a less experienced and a more experienced person. Mentoring includes guidance from mentor which is not intended to personal gains but it is intended out of a desire to help another individual so that he can realize his complete potentiality. Mentoring is of various types. 1) Informal mentoring, 2) Structuring mentoring 3) Peer mentoring 4) Community based mentoring and 5) Online mentoring.
Informal mentoring involves a meeting of persons forming spontaneous relationships where the new person willing to be counseled and guided by the experienced person. The structured mentoring involves companies, schools, and other organizations. These generally recruit the newcomers with no knowledge in the related field and task, and they are trained and guided by experienced mentors. The structure may be formed in one-to-one mentoring or network of mentors. Peer mentoring is generally seen in the educational field. The structure generally includes mentors and mentees of same age group. The communication may be one-to-one or facing a group. Community-based mentoring aims at providing guidance and training to the children, young people or the needy. The online mentoring is designed for those who cannot meet face to face with the experienced people. Many of the industries have developed online mentoring. An organization like SCORE counsels the small business entities who have adopted this mentoring style (Richard, 2010).
Coaching generally has a definite period of time, but mentoring is considered as an activity or an ongoing relationship which can end up after a longer period of time. Coaching is more formal as compared to mentoring and in case of the former, a meeting is scheduled on a regular basis but in mentoring the same is done as and when the mentee seeks some advice or guidance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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