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Business Strategies - Research Paper Example

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Business Table of Contents Organizational Strategy 3 Human Resource Training Strategy 5 Business Strategy 7 Reference 11 Bibliography 12 Organizational Strategy Organizational strategy is the basis on which organizations adapt to their business environments…
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Business Strategies Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Organizational strategy therefore requires that all business units, support units and employees are aligned and linked with the business strategy. The most important management responsibility in this context is to design, create and implement organizational strategies which are best suited to the demands of the market, its customers and the business model. However, since the competitors in the market would also have access to the same or similar information and might develop the same strategies, it is crucial that it must consider its organizational design as its most important strategic weapon. Some of the factors to be kept in consideration are as follows (Heracleous, p.XIV). Firstly identifying the right organizational strategy suited for executing the business strategy of the firm is important. This must be followed by identifying its own operating capabilities and sources of competitive advantage. Organizations can only act according to its business strategies if management designs the right way for them to do so. The most important factor in this context is strategy and structure alignment in designing its capabilities in a completely informed and rational manner. Some of the problems that might arise in the process are the strategy changes that might have implications or poor alignment with the organizational design and structure; need for restructuring of organizational parts due to sudden changes in technologies and other competitive pressures; organizational growth demanding changes in organizational design and finally, poor execution and organizational effectiveness (Jensen, p.5). The first phase in this alignment is gathering and organizing of data which is then fed to the management in a way which supports validation and learning. The management reaches out on the many different key issues, causal factors and problems and organizational requirements. This is followed by the design process which includes scale and leverage assessment, designing vertical alternatives and lateral structures etc. Since organizational structures work through trade-offs the various alternatives are evaluated through with regards to their fit with requirements, impact of implementation etc. Based on the evaluation the new organizational structure is created with clear roles and responsibilities; development of values and norms for the alignment of culture with strategy; designing rewards and metrics etc (Jensen, p.5). A theory of management has three main components, a set of assumptions regarding the attitudes and behaviors of humans, the managerial practices, policies and actions consistent with the assumptions, and expectations regarding the performance of employees if the policies are implemented. Research reveals that organizational structure affect the performance of a firm. There are evidences which show that a firm’s performance declines considerably when the strategies are not rightly matched with the appropriate structure and controls. The structure necessarily specifies the work which needs to be conducted and how to do it also. It influences the way managers perform their work activities and the decisions resulting from the same. Supporting the organizational structures, strategies are concerned with the processes used for conducting the task activities. Effective structures provide the stability and steadiness towards an organization’s needs and requirements to establish and implement its strategies. It also helps to maintain and its present ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Strategies Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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