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Strategic Training Paper (Human resource) Staff Training and Development Class Table of Contents Strategic Training Paper (Human resource) Staff Training and Development Class 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 The Role HRD Plays In the Strategy 3 How HRD is Involved in Implementing the Strategy 4 References 7 Introduction In the age of increasing market competition it has become inevitable for business organizations to ensure organizational efficiency in order to maintain profitability and sustainability…
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Strategic Training Paper (Human resource) Staff Training and Development Class
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"Strategic Training Paper (Human resource) Staff Training and Development Class"

The US based search engine major apart from being among the most formidable brand names is also known for its people friendly and unique Human resource practices. The company has regularly featured among the best organizations to work with and has been accredited with accolades from various reputed organizations like Fortune magazine (John, Girirja & Nightangale, 2008). The Role HRD Plays In the Strategy The importance of a well formulated human resource strategy has been well identified among the academic as well as business circles. A good human resource base involves having a well trained and motivated human resource base. Motivated workforce ensures better job satisfaction that result in better productivity, lower turnovers, better efficiency and greater acceptance and better implementation of business strategies. A firm can gain competitive advantage over its competitors by this virtue (Schuler & MacMillan, 2006, p.242). These aspects in an organization can be implemented only by the use of an effective Human Resource policy that would help in ensuring greater motivation. This in turn would lead to innovations as employees would largely undertake their activities as responsibilities and not routine task, this in turn would lead to better efficiency including organizational excellence as well as customer satisfaction that would help firms achieve favorable outcomes of their business strategies (Gaspar, 2005, p.262-264). Google scores well in this regard as the company has adopted many innovative practices that include greater employee flexibility. Google allows employees to carry their pets to the workplace, in addition there were other options that include free snacks, games and recreational facilities, innovative office complex (named as Googleplex) that have various facilities that inculcates a fun filled work environment in the organization. In addition to this Google allows employees to spend 20 percent of their work timings on projects that are largely self directed projects and gives considerable freedom to the employees that lead to job satisfaction and in turn motivation among the employees of the organization. These aspects have inculcated a spirit if motivation that has led to greater innovations and out of the box thinking that is considered being the most important competitive edge of the organization (Hitt, Miller & Colella, 2006, p.473, 474). How HRD is Involved in Implementing the Strategy The human resource practices of an organization are directly linked with the strategy implementation in business organizations. Various studies indicate that the human resource strategies largely help in providing an organization with a motivated and talented workforce. This in turn helps facilitate implementation of business strategies by inducing a positive thinking, better communication as well as ensuring improvements in quality standards in production and service quality. This in turn generates better levels of customer satisfaction that helps organizations to maintain profitability and sustainability (Aswathappa, 2005, p.55). Google’s human resource strategies have largely inculcated a positive attitude that promotes employee freedom and ensures enough flexibility and freedom to the em Read More
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