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High School Athletic Department - Research Paper Example

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Executive Summary Orange High School Athletics is an interscholastic sport organization which comprises of different staffs working together to achieve goals. The main focus of this paper covers the following: staffing which talks about staffing needs assessment; job analysis in which the main purpose is to gather information on the job, the operations, the duties and responsibilities involved, working conditions, and other critical elements; job description that provides information on what kind of abilities and talents, education, and experience are required to perform the job adequately…
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High School Athletic Department
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the HR portfolio speaks about performance appraisal, reward systems, motivation, and job design, leadership and decision style, and on how these can be applied into the Orange High School Athletics. This portfolio is in line with the purpose of describing the entirety of the sport organization and improvement of the human resources which are essential to the improvement of the organization. Introduction The mission of Orange County High School Athletics Department is to let students explore in an environment of positive, supportive, nurturing and safe where they have room to grow, excel and succeed in their endeavors in all aspects such as academics and sports. Students are expected to develop critical-thinking and civic-minded values, and contribute to the local community and to the global society. The members of the organization believe in the following: (1) the core business of the Orange Schools is to provide students a learning environment, and make their studies and physical activities valuable, satisfying and challenging; (2) students will be able to reap something worth keeping if they are exposed, guided, and taught; (3) the environment that the students stay must be nurturing, safe, and conducive for learning (4) all students need adults’ supervision and care; (5) all individuals such as staff and employees shall adhere to commitment for excellence and teach students with values (6) cooperation and gathering among all members of the organization and the community help build stronger relationships with the students in their learning (“Orange County Schools,” n.d.). Meanwhile, following the hierarchical organizational structure, these are the ranks/positions within the organization: the principal, the athletic director, the interscholastic athletic director, and coaches. In order to carry out the goal well, the staffs and employees are in constant coordination. They connive to each other’s office to achieve desired results. For example, in Orange County School’s Interscholastic Athletic Program, the principal is responsible for the operation of the entire school in cooperation with the Athletic Director. The main function of the athletic director is to oversee all school athletic programs to ensure that all interscholastic athletic programs are conducted in accordance with the North Carolina State Board of Education, North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) requirements, policies established by the State Board of Education, the Orange County Board of Education, and the General Statutes of North Carolina (“Mission Statement,” n.d.). All program leaders must construe to the duties and responsibilities set forth by the organization’s Constitution and by-laws. Staffing 1.1 Staffing Needs Assessment First and foremost, before jumping into the more critical points in the organization like doing the job analysis, job description, job specification, hiring and so on, the Human Resource personnel should consider the assessment of the current staffing situation of the organizatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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