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High School Graduation Rates: Do Sports Really Matter - Essay Example

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Athletics and higher education are nearly synonymous in a society where competitive sports have such a major role. Do students who are involved in sports perform better academically than students who are not involved, and do high school graduation rates reflect this effort How many athletes go on to college and how important is academic ability in their acceptance This subject has created a great deal of controversy within the education system…
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High School Graduation Rates: Do Sports Really Matter
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Download file to see previous pages In contemporary society, the problems facing the education system are rampant, and statistics show that the increasing demands of curriculum in the schools negate a teacher's ability to give children individual attention. Therefore, many students who need extra help are not getting it. The extent of their athletic involvement may or may not be relevant, but those who are involved in sports might be more motivated to do well on their own, considering the special demands made on athletes. Is it true that students involved in sports are more ambitious and more enthusiastic about the future How much does attitude affect accomplishments Which sports appeal most to the high academic achievers and why How much do academics fit into an athlete's personal success in sports Do winning athletes receive more extra help than non-athletes in their academic subjects What are the factors that encourage academic achievement and how do they relate to sports In a society that reveres sports stars and degrades intelligence, are smart athletes more apt to succeed in their chosen field than those who think athletic ability alone will get them through If so, what is the major reason for their success
The methods used will be theoretical, empirical and statistical. Developing questionnaires, handling mail and compiling results will require assistance and research funds. Although travel is not a priority, visits to schools in different geographic areas of the country would be helpful.
Statistical research is necessary to determine the facts and figures that begin to answer the questions raised in this proposal. It will also be necessary to read up-to-date publications to study the pros and cons of the position taken in this dissertation and how results will affect the way the public views athletes. One area is the stress faced by athletes, the injuries they often incur, and the star status that athletes sometimes achieve. Also, the professional arena in sports, to which all aspire and few reach, must be addressed. In this year of the Olympics, the broad range of sports represented offers an opportunity to accumulate background information on the winners and the non-winners, as this relates to athletes at various levels of achievement.
Online research offers the most comprehensive material, both up-to-date and archival, on the proposed subject, with careful analysis of online content. Therefore, considering the many areas that need to be addressed, this would appear to be the most practical method of research. Conducting surveys would also offer timely information on athletic and non-athletic graduation rates, and, more specifically, on why athletes might perform better academically than non-athletes. The results would be included in the Appendices. The proposed form below is a table based on the content of survey questionnaires sent to high schools in different parts of the country. The questionnaires passed out to individual students would ask for name and location of high school, grade level, economic background, gender, athletic participation (varsity, intramural, or none), personal level of stress, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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