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Assignment 5 - Essay Example

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Sociology of Sports: Essay Five Question 1: “Varsity sports provide experiences through which high school students learn things about culture and cultural ideology in the U.S. According to research done on high school sports, what are the "cultural lessons" emphasized in high school football?…
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Assignment 5
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Download file to see previous pages The players participating in the high school football so strongly identify with the sport that they happen to define their individuality in terms of the sport. Not only this but it is the football that endows these athletes with a social identity as people and acquaintances happen to recognize and identify them in terms of the sport they are strongly affiliated to. The one other big cultural lesson that the high school football instills in the athletes is the importance and relevance that they extend to the concept of being a success. The sense of competitiveness that the athletes pick up from the sports continues to play a pivotal role in their lives for a very long time. The pressure placed on the players owing to the very fact that they happen to be a part of a high school football team goes a long way in shaping their attitudes and values. However, it is also a fact that many a times some athletes respond to this pressure and the yearning for success instilled in them by football, by acting in a negative manner like using performance enhancing drugs and resorting to violence in sports. Question 2: “While you are home during the semester break, you are watching a football bowl game with your mother. She says that it is terrible that varsity athletes have such poor graduation records. You tell her that graduation rates among athletes are not as bad as she thinks. She asks you to explain. What do you say?” My Response: -To explain to my mother the fact that the graduation records of the varsity athletes do not happen to be so bad, I will request her to consider this issue in a specific context. Being a student athlete places an individual under an immense pressure since one is required to contend with a twin responsibility that is retaining and improving one’s performance in sports, while at the same time doing one’s best to retain the requisite academic eligibility. Thereby, being a varsity athlete is a scenario that could place an individual under a lot of stress. Besides the athletes desirous of being a part of the varsity team are required to meet specific academic criteria. It is only when they fulfill these criteria that they could have their name on the university sports roster. The other thing is that a varsity athlete is required to invest a certain level of time and efforts in sports. Thereby it is not possible for the varsity athletes to engage in academic pursuits with the same level of single minded dedication and commitment as the regular students. It is pivotal for a varsity athlete to strike a pragmatic balance between personal academic achievement and excellence in sports. Hence the varsity athletes are required to achieve academic success in the backdrop of a life that is primarily committed to sports. Therefore, practically speaking the graduation record of the varsity athletes is not so poor in the light of the fact that they spend a big chunk of their time and energy exclusively on sports. Question 3: “The author lists several factors that will influence trends in the future. Which of these factors do you think will be most influential and which one do you think will be least influential when it comes to the future of sports in the town in which you grew up?’ My Response: -The advancement of sports in a specific area is always to a large extent dependent on a range of factors typical to that locale. In the light of this fact I believe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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