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Sociology of Sport- Film Report - Essay Example

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Jerry Maguire – sociological issues of sports The film Jerry Maguire directed by Cameron Crowe is a film about a sports agent, his life, and relationships. He has a smooth and successful career. However the idealism of the person along with his essential decency has left him head reared…
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Sociology of Sport- Film Report
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Download file to see previous pages Dorothy Boyd a single mother is the character enacted by Renee Zellweger. Jerry Maguire works in the sports business in which the agents of the business are in general more competitive than the clients of the business. Despite being successful and leading a smooth career, he is fired from the business due to some undesirable circumstances and even forced to start his professional life once again from the beginning. In his journey of life Jerry Maguire gets the company of two special individuals. One is the only remaining client of Jerry Maguire named Rod Tidwell. Working as a second tier receiver he always has the desire of being promoted to the level of the first tier and to cherish the fame of the highest level.  However, only to help Jerry Maguire he has left his desire and joins the failing life of the agent and his redemption journey. The other person is a single mother, working accountant of the same organization, who wishes to help the agent start his life from the beginning. (Jerry Maguire) The story of Jerry Maguire very truly depicts the success whirlwind prevalent in the country of America. The sports world has been perfectly shown with a business style. The noise, along with the competitive force working in sports business and the egotism that is more or less flagrant, have been captured by the director in the film. With the same path of business world the romantic intimacy in the film is like a striking gift to the audience. Despite the focus on the professional aspects of life the personal feelings, desires and the wants of individuals have not been left out. Giving some personal attention to the clients, which is taken by the company as a statement of betrayal, results in the ‘overnight’ dismissal of the sports agent. The single incident depicts the competitive life in the sports business along with the struggle of life in managing the cycles of failures and success. This also raises an ethical issue with respect to the sport business. Along with this, the love life of Jerry Maguire in being engaged to the office accountant depicts the personal side of the sports agent. She remains by his side despite the odds and this provides him the sense of security he needs at a moment of loss. This also perhaps provides him the space for self-realization, as he is able to take time out to mediate instead of running with the competition. Thirdly, the friendship and the support that the agent receives from the single client are also to cherish. Rod is not that successful but Jerry finds a friend and company in him when he is fired. This represents a selfless bond on the part of Rod, which cannot be explained with material reasons or business and reflect sheer sportsmanship. Thus the social issues that the film emphasizes have some interconnections among themselves. The central character plays the pivotal role of the connection amongst the different dimensions of social life. (“Good Sports”, 60; Jerry Maguire) A successful person, just for a single decision of his life faces the threat of being complete failure. The social consensus along with the social conditions existing in the life of people has been truly reinforced in the film along with the ideologies of an individual and his dreams. Sports have been very integrally associated with the life of Jerry Maguire. He started his career with sports, the failure of his life comes with the same and again ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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