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Is Charter School an Answer for Inner City Students A Study of Inclusion Among Disadvantaged Black Male Students with Disabili - Dissertation Example

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Charter School Name Institution Date Charter School Charter schools are public but independent schools that are more innovative on how they conduct their learning. This innovation is mainly to improve the performance of the learner who in most instances has special needs or might not be of the same needs as other students…
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Is Charter School an Answer for Inner City Students A Study of Inclusion Among Disadvantaged Black Male Students with Disabili
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Extract of sample "Is Charter School an Answer for Inner City Students A Study of Inclusion Among Disadvantaged Black Male Students with Disabili"

Download file to see previous pages   Charter schools are public schools in nature and are intended to improve the education system of any nation. They possess a degree of independence in that most of the times they charge little or no tuition and are open to any student who wishes to enroll in them. They are also non sectarian and do not discriminate against any student on the basis of any affiliation be it sex, religion, race or color. They may be funded by the local authority in which it is situated, through the state or federal revenue like other public schools. These charter schools also adhere to state and federal academic standards as a benchmark in their day to day activities. The basic concept of a charter school therefore, is the exercise of increased autonomy in exchange for accountability to the relevant stakeholders. Charter schools are free to improvise ways of improving the general student performance and achievement through numerous ways. They might do this through offering longer school days or operating hours. This is what is at times known as remedial classes in some jurisdictions. Here, students spend more hours in class exploring ways of excelling in whatever discipline they are engaged in or are undertaking. This may occur during extended hours during week days, weekends or even during vacations or holidays. The schools may also adjust the curriculum contrary to what is set by the government to provide the learners with more time on the important or core subjects that they need most for their studies. Charter schools may also create a unique school culture whereby a specific school may adopt specific themes such as performing arts, career readiness, classical education, global awareness or meeting the needs of black or autistic students (Betts and Hill, 2010). Recent research has found that inner city kids or under-served students, who attended charter schools in New York City for nine consecutive years, from kindergarten to eighth grade, would close most of the “Scarsdale-Harlem” achievement gap. The research also found that charter school students in this study won school admission lotteries as compared to other students in other public schools in the state (Reardon, 2009). This is further led credence by a similar study that found that students attending charter high schools in Chicago and Florida had higher ACT scores, graduation rates and college entrance rates than their peers in traditional public schools (Booker, Gill, Zimmer and Sass, 2009) It is therefore true that charter schools are high achiever as they produce positive results in both elementary and middle schools. This therefore means that there should be improved participation of all stakeholders involved in the research about the viability of charter schools. This will require strong and better policy formulation that would eventually lead to high-quality public charter schools. (Betts and Tang, 2008) Inclusion of black male students with disabilities into charter schools is understood to mean the integration of the education of male students with disabilities alongside those that are leading a normal life through regular classroom attendance. This is prompted by the urge by different stakeholders such as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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