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Human resources strategic - Essay Example

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Human Resource Management refers to a set of function, program or activity of the organization which helps to select, recruit, train, manage, develop and finally assess the employees of the organization. It is concerned about the activities related to the people in an…
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Human resources strategic
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Download file to see previous pages The organizational managers and leaders have now understood that to be successful in this hypercompetitive market, job performance and efforts of the employees are important. Whether it is for making profit or not, but the managers have to continuously look for innovative ideas for facilitating the employees to work more efficiently and effectively (Morris, Heames & McMillan, 2011, pp. 265-266). Modern Human Resource Management has now moved out of personnel management and more into strategic management, embracing the management of change, socialization, job design and appraisal. The modern HRM is trying to find integration between organizational strategy, employee commitment, flexibility and quality. Effective HRM is an approach of employee management through deployment of capable and committed workforce using an array of “personnel, structural and cultural techniques” (Smith & Smith, 2007, pp. 263-264). Thus Strategic Human Resource Development enables an organization to analyze the technological, economic and social changes and adopting strategic steps to respond to these changes more effectively.
In this study the focus will be on trends that lead to SHRM, the connection between strategic management and human resource management. The study also throws light on the connection between Strategic HRM and various issues related to the business process. Relevant examples help in better understandability of the issues.
These four factors are giving rise to various challenges and issues in Human Resource Management. The HRD professional continuously monitors these changes and adjusts themselves to these changes so that the organization gets adapted to the change. Adapting to the new requirement leads to the greater efficiency, effectiveness and harmony in the organization. HRM is considered as a part of strategic management, which formulates a mission, a business strategy and a corporate objective for the organization (Peery & Salem, 1993, p. 82).
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Human Resources Strategic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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