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The paper attempts to develop a HR strategic plan for this organization based on its overall strategic plan. An explanation of how this HR plan is aligned with the organization’s strategic plan gives as well as the steps that can be taken in implementing this HR strategic plan…
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The Overall Strategic Plan for Blackberry
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Download file to see previous pages According to Rhandawa et al (2009), Blackberry was founded in 1984 and it is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Blackberry’s strategic plan is to target professionals through the provision of a range of activities such as push email, mobile telephony, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and additional wireless information services (Moro, 2007). Jim Balsillie, co-founder of RIM, sums up the strategic plan for RIM “easy in, impossible out” which implies that it is very easy for corporations to install their email system, but because the way the proprietary RIM software and servers work, it’s almost impossible to extract (Harnish, N.D). Thus, the strategic plan is based on the notion that the products are strategically designed to appeal to the interests of the targeted customers and it is almost impossible for rival competitors to imitate the same strategy. It can be seen that RIM is at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative mobile communication devices. This strategy makes it clearly different from other rival competitors in the market for Smartphones and is mainly based on productivity and utility in terms of the services offered. However, the industry itself is highly competitive where there are companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson as well as Apple competing for the same customers in this particular Smartphone industry. Research has however shown that if RIM wants to continue its dominance in the market, it needs to market its devices moreover in Asia and Europe (Rhandawa et al, 2009). However, Blackberry of late has come under the spotlight for firing influential people who are seen as suggesting ideas that are within the scope of its strategic plan. For instance, the CEO was fired in 2011 though it was popularly stated that it was a resignation (Yarow, 2011). There have been some reports that anyone who goes against the culture of the organization with regards to its strategic plan is often viewed as a villain. The organization does not see itself in a position where it diverts from its outlined strategic plans. Such a stance has drawn criticism from other quarters and this is the reason why there is need to develop a Human Resources strategic plan for Blackberry which is based on its overall strategic plan. Thus the following section of the essay seeks to develop a strategic plan for Blackberry as well as to outline how it will be aligned with the organization’s plans organization’s plans as well as the measures that can be taken to implement the HR strategic plan. Strategic HRM for Blackberry Currently, the HRM strategy for RIM is mainly concerned with the optimum performance of the employees whereby the interests of the employees are not given due consideration (Harnish, N.D). Priority is given to the overall goals stated in the strategic plan of the company and this is the reason why the company has been criticised for bad HRM practices. As such, a strategic human resources management (SHRM) plan ought to be implemented. Basically, SHRM can be defined as the combination of human resources management with the strategic aims and objectives/plans in order to enhance business performance as well as the culture that promotes innovation, flexibility as well as the competitive advantage (Becker & Huselid, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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