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Denver’s homicide tally for the year 2009 was the second lowest since 1964 and the lowest for the year 2009 since 2000, after an encouraging national and state trend of declining violence in the major cities (Holmes, 2012). Better crime tools, lengthier jail terms, and an…
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Risk Management Brochure
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Risk Management for Murder Affiliation Risk Management for Murder Number of murders that occurred in your hometown of Denver, CO last year
Denver’s homicide tally for the year 2009 was the second lowest since 1964 and the lowest for the year 2009 since 2000, after an encouraging national and state trend of declining violence in the major cities (Holmes, 2012). Better crime tools, lengthier jail terms, and an aging population contribute to a one-quarter-century long tendency of reducing violence, professionals say. However, one criminologist cautions that that could alter with the economy.
So far, the rates of murder across the nation are still decreasing. In Denver, the sum of murders has dropped by 58% since 2004, from ninety one that year to thirty eight in 2009. The sum of murders dropped by 19% from forty seven in 2008 (Holmes, 2012). In Colorado Springs, homicide dropped from twenty three in 2008 to nineteen in 2009.
In Denver, thirty of the 2009 killings – almost 80% - have been resolved, as stated by Mary Dulacki, the coordinator of records for Denver Police. It is believed that one of the factors that has contributed to the reduction in murders is the improvements in crisis or emergency medical services - doctors and paramedics are nowadays keeping individuals, who were deceasing in the past, alive.
2. Assemble a chart that includes profiles of victims and offenders, breakdown of victim-offender relationships, weapons used, and circumstances categorizing the crime.
Figure 1: Murder Victims
Figure 2: Murders Offending by Age
Figure 3: Murder Crime in Denver, CO
3. Describe the profile of the typical murder victim in your state to determine which demographic groups face the highest and lowest chances of getting murdered.
An overall view of every reported offence throughout 2014 in Colorado is shown in the above figures. The statistics has been organized to make it simpler to get both the combined total of reported offences plus the total of offences reported for every 100,000 individuals in Colorado, the data is further split into different categories (property crimes and violent crimes) to give more perception to how prevalent offence is in the region (Holmes, 2012).
4. Provide ways the reader to reduce the risk and resources to learn more on the topic.
It is clear that the crime rate in Colorado averages 55 percent more than the remainder of Colorado while he crime rate on a nationwide scale is 48 percent more than. Also, it is apparent that the violent crime occurrence in Colorado is 17 percent greater than the average crime rate in the remainder of the country. Similarly, a crime that involves property holds 56 percent greater than the Nationwide’s average. Both figures associate with how secure businesses and residents are while conducting daily activities in Colorado region.
Over the years, Colorado has had extreme issues of murder in spite of the actuality that, in several ways, society is getting more secure. The violent crime rates have decreased considerably over the last decade, and the rate of murder in 2004 is far more than that of 2014. Nationally, the murder rate in Colorado is in the center of the pack amongst states of the same size (Holmes, 2012). All murders are unacceptable tragedies, and almost all can be prevented.
5. Explain the appropriate role of risk management and risk reduction strategies in everyday life.
In my hometown of Denver, Colorado, the complex social, individual, and environmental factors that affect the rate of murder were examined and reviewed to research on effective strategies for lowering the risk and rates of murder. As an effect, it was recommended that different comprehensive approaches for lowering and addressing the occurrence of murder in Denver be employed.
The key to the approach is total community participation in confronting violent conduct and tackling the underlying aspects behind the rates of murder in Denver, Colorado. Rather, the community needs to work jointly to execute a wide strategy to lowering violence.
When talking about making people and the community safer, people frequently talk about two models – crime reduction and crime prevention. The main distinction between these two is as follows: crime prevention supports the generating of positive prospects for communities and the youth, whereas crime reduction implies looking at situations and places where a serious issue with offence already exists (Holmes, 2012).
6. Differentiate between crime victimization prevention
Crime prevention approaches need the collective exertions of a whole community, using government instrument, to attain ambitious objectives like poverty reduction, unemployment, and homelessness; the firming of key institutions like schools, neighborhoods, and families, and sufficiently financing efficient rehabilitation and treatment programs.
Strategies of victimization prevention are not projected to deal with the social crime roots or to resolve social issues such as drug abuse and urban decay. Victimization prevention approaches are undertaken by formal institutions (like airports or colleges), small groups (such as tenant patrols or gated communities), and fearful people (Holmes, 2012). Victimization prevention entails risk evaluations, safety audits to locate vulnerability points, hardening of targets to make the task of criminals more hard, and several other tactics for reducing the attractiveness of a target to assaulters.
A blend of suppression, prevention, and intervention strategies should be executed in Denver, Colorado to tackle the issue of gangsters. It is obligatory that any strategy, whether suppression, intervention, prevention or any blend of these, be reliant on the sound concept and operate closely with the justice system of juveniles. Specifically, programs and policies must be based upon suitable targeting of both youth and institutions.
Holmes, A. (2012). Risk management. New York, New York: Capstone Pub. Read More
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