Project Management: designing a new brochure - Essay Example

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The researcher of this report initially explains that every project utilizes resources, and it has a specific confine of economic support. Apart from of the type of venture, project management usually pursues a similar framework. …
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Project Management: designing a new brochure
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that developing a new brochure for the company was very useful for business itself, for the clientele as well as for the prospective customers. Nonetheless, the company ensured that it is making an excellent brochure with the intention of having good outcomes. Following are some of the points that company has taken into consideration to confirm that the desired objectives can be obtained: (1) ensuring that the brochure conveys the correct message for the business. The brochure signifies the business, so the company ascertained that it is representing itself in the most excellent way and sending out a constructive image; (2) next, introduction of the company was inserted in the brochure for those may not be acquainted with the company or may want to find out more. (3) The new brochure was designed in a way to tell the potential customer as well as general readers about the types and designs of the doors that the company manufactures. (4) Lastly, informative information about the company in addition to its contact information - phone number(s), email address, URL of website - was also included in the brochure. It provides additional information or gives reply to extra issues about the product that it promotes because if the brochure offers no or little or vague data is destined to lose prospective clients. This is the result of modification in the thought process of the contemporary customers. Customers, at the present time, would like to know precisely what they are paying for so it falls on the hands of the company to respond to these questions and to guarantee prospective customers that they will be having their money’s worth (Campbell, p. 93, 2006). The company decided to make the new brochures colored ones is because the good graphical representation is considered more attention capturing as well as interesting (Harvard Business School Press, 2003, p. 191). More or less any business these days can get an immense as well as appealing image for a brochure. However, what makes people to look at and go through the colored brochure carefully is due to the image that provokes feelings as well as strong feedbacks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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