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This research essay “Role of high performance work systems in organizational performance” is prepared with the objective of critically discussing the role of high performance work systems in organizational and individual performances…
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Role of high performance work systems in organizational performance
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Download file to see previous pages This work system aims at developing high involvement through the development of an adequate degree of commitment among all levels of human resources working in the organization. The notion of the high performance work system are supported by claims that this system of work practices lead to the creation of superior performance at the individual as well as organizational levels. However, it can be argued that the system of high performance work systems often makes an organization shift from the conventional and eclectic selection of the best practices employed in human resource management which ensures the creation of higher organizational performance outcomes but does not necessarily add to the performance outcomes of individual employees in an organization. Developing the work on these lines of analysis, this essay is prepared with the objective of critically discussing the role of high performance work systems in organizational and individual performances. The scholars across various fields of study like industrial relations labor economics, organizational behavior, and the strategic human resource management and operations management who have presented varied views regarding the effectiveness of the high performance work systems in the contemporary business organizations. As per the views of many scholars and the researchers, the high performance work systems are extremely useful form an organizational as well as individual performances. Higher complexity in the job roles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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