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Performance, Planning and Decision-Making - Essay Example

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Proper planning, managing and decision making is very important for maintaining organizational culture. Organization culture acts as an adhesive which stick…
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Performance, Planning and Decision-Making
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Extract of sample "Performance, Planning and Decision-Making"

Download file to see previous pages Subcultures are those which give clear reflections about the common situations and problems of the employees in the organization. Company employees strictly follow some of the rules, these rules are shared throughout the length and breadth of the organization is called strong cultures. Cultures which are there with the company’s but are not followed that much is called week culture. Organization cultures are sets of norms which influences how the organization will be shaped. Different organizations are with different organizational cultures. Many times organizational cultures depend upon on the national cultures of that company. It is generally being noticed that organizations with great cultures are always having great success story around the world. It channelizes an organization which way it should go. It is very important for any organization to have a follow a particular culture for long time sustainability. It shows behaviour, values and psychological environment of an organization. It might be rules, attitudes, customs and beliefs of an organization. It can be taken as the identity of an organization. Organization cultures can be changed time to time whenever markets demands. These cultures are developed by the particulars company. Every organization is having its own cultures. A culture which is suitable for a company may not be suitable for another company. Organization culture is such a thing that can gives a crystal clear picture about the different attributes of an organization. Great Organization culture can be treated as backbone of any successful organization. All the reputed companies like Apple, CTS and Wal-Mart are having great organizational cultures.
In this area of discussion the importance of the organizational cultures are going to be discussed. Great organizational cultures are generally transferred into good performance and provide great productivity for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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From the research it can be comprehended that organizations in the modern world are complex, and many theories have been developed to explain what makes them work, and how to make them work even more effectively. A key element of organizational performance is the way that leaders make decisions, and then persuade all members of the organization to carry out these decisions in the way that is intended. The personal qualities, skills and style of a leader are all factors which can affect the way that an organization behaves. Leaders have an important role to play in any organization and they can influence the organizational performance because everyone in the organization is expected to follow the leader. Leaders should make sure th...
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... in mind that it should not happen again. The strategy of examining the employee record helped in knowing that the employee's record is clear and he has not made such mistakes before. The major aim of the strategy was to make a decision depending on the employee's response. The strategy of the role-play was selected after analyzing the employee's future and the company's rules and regulations. The main idea of the strategy was to include the members from the human resource team. This helped in analyzing the employee's activities in the company. The planned strategy was to allow the employees' express their opinion and the situation as to why the incident had happened. (Rumelt, 1993). This idea of permitting the employee to prove...
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.... Decision-making process is considered to be the most important work the managers are assigned to deal with in an organization. This view is further consolidated by the fact that some people view managing and decision-making has two words with same meaning but different interpretations. There are infinite reasons to consider decision-making to be an integral part of organizations, a theory which has interested most of the theorists and economists. (Salaman, 2001. p.75) Some theorists believe that decision-making provides the door to the so called 'underworld' of an organization. The process involved in making a decision, brings out the political attitude of people involved, resulting in political activities being performed. So, it can...
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...Performance, Planning and Decision-Making Contents Executive Summary 3 Theoretical Background 5 Arguments For 10 Arguments Against 12 Analysis 14 Conclusion 15 Reference List 17 Executive Summary In the current era, the state of commercial affairs has become highly complicated in nature. The profit making business firms actively seek for productive ways by which they can easily increase their competency and expertise in the market. This essay tries to throw light on a critical evaluation statement. Leadership or entrepreneurship is the most important aspect of a concern. This essay tries to critically understand the rationality of selecting an appropriate leadership style for improving the performance and productivity of an organization...
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... Decision-making Video Make the Right Choice: Three Steps to Effective Decision Making (https The narrator suggests three steps to effective decision making; which are listed below: Understanding causality- this entails problem identification, which sets the foundation for an individual as they attempt to identify the solutions by sorting through the various options ahead of them. Improving forecast- the narrator suggests the use of the “inside v. outsider view”, which allows an individual to weigh all the options, both favorable and unfavorable options. He stresses on the importance of an outside perspective, which offers a more objective outlook compared to the inside view. Sorting relevance...
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...Decision Making Decision Making Sycamore pharmaceuticals have an administrative structure that makes decisions for other organs to implement. Mostly, strategic decisions come from the president or leader who passes the duty of implementation to the management (Fitzgerald, 2002). The Managing Board later gives the resolution of the marketing organ to strategize on how best to sell the products. In consequence, it is clear that leadership, managerial and marketing bodies exist in this organization. The leader’s decision to market the product despite prior knowledge of its ineffectiveness has put the body in crisis. The verdict bears positives for the individuals in the institution as well as the organization. However, the prioritization...
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The main challenge faced by Apple in its decision making process is regarding introduction of new products and services in the market. The premium price charged by the concerned company might create problem for its business operation in the long run.
Apple Inc is well known for offering new and innovative products to its customers. The concerned company is constantly engaged in introducing unique products in the market. But the problem faced by the concerned company in delivering its new product is in determining whether the product introduced in the markets fulfils the expectations of its potential customers. The company charges high price as compared to its competitors. Therefore Apple remains in dilemma whether the consum...
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