Organizational Situations - Case Study Example

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The effect has resulted from the laying off of some employees due to the hard economic times. Such actions are at the verge of causing fear, losing trust with…
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Organizational Situations
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Employees’ morale affiliation Memorandum The President, Vishtech Company Robert Anderson, HR, Vishtech Company
Date: 24th March, 2014
In the recent times, the organization has been at the verge of incurring losses emanating from diminished motivation. The effect has resulted from the laying off of some employees due to the hard economic times. Such actions are at the verge of causing fear, losing trust with the organization, lack of focus, and job insecurity issues. However, it remains the responsibility of the human resource manager to ensure clear maintenance of productive employees amidst challenging moments. There are several measures that the human resource department propose to adopt to ensure all the employees remain productive.
The first way to deal with low morale is finding out the root causes of morale. The top managerial team are aware of the insurmountable events leading to the situation at hand. The executive need to reveal to the employees that they are the backbone of the organization success, and without them it is deemed to drown into absolute failure. Secondly, it is vital to come up with a strategic plan, so that every employee can be aware of what is expected of them in his area of jurisdiction. Effective and honest communication will elate constructive ideologies. Employees should be allowed to provide feedback to all the issues they are facing, as well as involve them in decision making and policy formulation.
Most significantly, inauguration of a recognition and reward scheme will be the foundation to success since each employee will strive to remain the best, hence an escalation in productivity. It is a win-win situation for both employees and the company. A conflicts resolution committee should handle any arising issue earliest possible, so that it may not bring divisions. All these activities, on adoption, will increase the moral of the staff, which will in turn heighten their productivity. The firm will regain more profits, and occurrences of layoffs will be past events.
I will be very glad to discuss the memo with you on our scheduled meeting next week. I believe strongly that it will bear much fruits to save the company from its dwindling state. Read More
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