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A company’s performance is determined by the way in which the workforce is treated. However, these employees have varied needs. This means that they the human resource needs to have varied ways of enhancing staff…
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Based on Tesco
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Download file to see previous pages A motivated workforce results in increased performance, thus an improvement of the firm’s profitability. Therefore, Tesco may motivate its staff by way of providing monetary rewards, non-financial rewards, training, and development. Training is of increasing significance of firms seeking to gain competitive advantage amongst the competitors. Various schools of thought have come to a conclusion that training and development is a human resource practice that may considerably influence the success of a company. Tesco’s growth could be improved by use of on the job-training, mentorship programs, coaching programs, use online marketing tools, and evaluating the effectiveness of the training and development programs. The other element that can affect the performance of a firm is reward. The provision of financial and non-financial rewards impact positively on the firm’s performance, financial gain, and employee motivation, and job satisfaction. Both the monetary incentives and non-monetary benefits, such as work-life balance, flexible working hours, rewards and recognition, leave, and vacation time not only motivate employees, but also staff turnover. As a result, there is proportionate correlation between rewards, training, learning, and development, with firm performance and growth.
The universal competition and rapid changes put emphasis on the significance of human capital within a firm. An organisation’s success depends on the performance of the employees. Employees are considered as essential resources in the growth and development of the firm. In this regard, the success and growth of an organisation in any industry is reliant on its human resources. Even though there are numerous factors that play a major role, a firm needs to have effective employees in order to stay competitive and financially solvent. Motivation and satisfaction are viewed as the core element in the development of human capital in any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Based on Tesco Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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Tesco as well an imperative idea to be embraced by the company. In such a case, Tesco supermarket should strengthen its brand through quality services to consumers. Branding has to maintain quality throughout their packaging activities. This will reduce competition as well as confusion among buyers (Zentes, Morschett & Schramm-Klein, 2007, p. 99). Similarly, there should be product and service re-engineering to enable better management of the food product lifecycle and efficiency in delivery. Based on this activity, the sector should focus on enhancing core ranges as well as introduction of quality products to clients. It is also recommended that the sector integrates IT in its operations. This follows the...
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...?Client’s 9 May It is very important to manage employees effectively in order to get the best out of them, human resources is a very important department which should never be underestimates. Only the right people can recruit the right ones for an organization and everything comes down to recruiting right people. Keeping them motivated is also very important and not everyone succeeds in doing so. This paper will shed light upon how Tesco is managed, global challenges and a PESTLE analysis of Tesco will also be conducted in this paper. Tesco is based out of the UK, dealing mainly with grocery items and general merchandising retail chain. If the global sales and domestic...
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Tesco the stores. Such strength indicates that the company values their customers since they inquire for personal details about the customers. Another significant strength of Tesco lies in its workforce; the employees of the organization tend to be friendly and treat the customers warmly (John 2004, p. 105). The global reach of Tesco can also be regarded as a remarkable strength of the company; Tesco has its stores spread all over several countries, and this can be regarded as a significant achievement. The spread of the stores enables the organization to secure large customer base compared to its competitors. Reasonable prices can also be regarded as strength of...
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...information that were learned through various organizational experiences (Tesco Plc: Code of Business Conduct, 2009). As such, it can be deduced that Tesco’s Corporate and Legal Affairs department has acknowledged that the design for the organisation’s code of conduct was based on creating guidelines through strategies and principles which embody their values. According to Crane and Matten (2007) the starting point for an organisation’s business ethics management is their mission, vision and value statements. For Tesco these corporate values were reportedly developed in 1997 through collaboration and solicitation of what various personnel perceives and believes of what...
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...of growth. However, a remarkable recovery is mainly due to the stable consumer spending and the revival of demand at the consumer level (Deloitte, 2009, p.5). 3. Porter’s five factor framework for competition It is mainly the analysis based on which the strategy of the company is incorporated before establishing a company in a new country or city. It was developed by Michael E. Porter to understand the unattractive forces of the market which may pose trouble in the establishment of a company. 3.1 Bargaining power of Buyers Apart from Wal-mart and Marshals the country of Canada lacks prospective large retailers. This gives Tesco a wide chance in establishing its business in Canada, as the population of...
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TESCO addition developed a variety of loyalty schemes to widen their employees’ loyalty and thereby motivate them. Furthermore, the staff usually benefit from reductions on all the available products sold in their stores (Palmer 2005, pp. 34). Overall growth and ROI improvement The company’s investment into a company called West midlands based expediency store group (T&S) was touted as the smartest move into the potential neighborhood segment of the market by a big name vendor in the history of retailing. The deal turned Tesco into the country’s second largest convenience chain store after the Co-operative Group. The company also intends to open up some 59 new stores all over the UK in the coming years...
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Tesco Management

...Programme (SMDP). This also included the development of a proper culture in the organisation. The long term effect was that 60% of managers could perform better than the industry average. With continuous monitoring and training Tesco could bring in more value into the work culture. Now Tesco has a customer relations based work culture that is practiced by its work force. External Factors: External influences that affect an organisation are those which cannot be controlled by it. In this context, the external factors can be classified according to the PESTLE analysis. "Originally designed as a business environmental scan, the PEST or PESTLE analysis is an analysis of the external macro...
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...mediums, the rational modes of advertisements are still dominating the market. Television is overpowering other communication mediums like print medium and the internet. However, the firm should not only focus on the traditional mode of communication. Rather they should expand their horizon and try to use other mediums the internet and technology based marketing tools. Zhen (2007) explains that this is because it is a futuristic view and at some point such technological advances will become an eminent part of the market. At the same time, to reach the consumers currently Tesco has to focus more on television as it is a more reliable mode of communication with the consumers. The consumers truest the...
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...Tesco In 2007, the United s of America welcomed the world’s third largest retailer into their market. Tesco entered the US market under the name, “Fresh, and Easy.” This was after researching and studying the US market, and peoples’ shopping habits for close to twenty years. Tesco does not create new strategies every year instead, it has a series of common strategy that it adds yearly. However, Tesco’s performance in its markets today is not as per the set standards. This paper will address Tesco’s adversities in both the UK and the US markets, while highlighting possible strategies in marketing management, which might recover these markets again. In 1997, Tesco set out a strategy to expand its core business. This later resulted... in the...
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..., plant and equipment; disclosure on the investment property; information on group entities; disclosure of information concerning other investment; information regarding the company's inventories; the information regarding the company's trade and receivables; information on loans and advances to customers; disclosures on cash and cash equivalents; information on trade and other payables; the information regarding borrowings; information regarding the company’s financial instruments; disclosures on the financial risk factors (Tesco annual report, 2013). A continuation of the disclosures include the information regarding customer deposits and deposits by banks; the information about the provisions; disclosures on...
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