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He has worked in the HR office for over 17 years. It is because of his positive attitude of determination, networking skills, ability to highly adapt to new situations and his talent to be in the right place at the right time. As he is…
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DEVELOPMENT OF A MULTINATIONAL PERSONNEL SELECTION SYSTEM Q1: Koch is a man who loves what he does. He has worked in the HR officefor over 17 years. It is because of his positive attitude of determination, networking skills, ability to highly adapt to new situations and his talent to be in the right place at the right time. As he is walking down the crowded street, he sees the Asians to crawling across the road like ants all busy on their phones (Krause & Piske, 2007). This shows that he had a small perception of the Asians community comparing them to ants.
When he enters the office, all the workers are seen to be at haste. This shows he is serious and a bit strict when it comes to business (Krause & Piske, 2007). During the team meeting, he notices that there is an argument between Mueller and Yuen Yu yet he does nothing. It was not their first time to have this disagreement, and he could see that it had affected Yuen Yu in a big way. He thought that the conflict would be solved over time, and he did not take note that they were arguing in front of their boss.
Relationship between co-workers and their boss affects the discharge of duties. Those in the higher authority can overrule an order given by the juniour staff. This can be noted by the chinese colleagues following a direct order from Koch, who is of a higher rank. As a leader, Koch uses his authority to bring sanity to members during a crisis. However, his position could be misused to influence selfish interests in the company. A good working relationship between Koch and Koenig could foster respect between them, thereby bring development of good ideas (Krause & Piske, 2007).
Q3: Communication, language, and expression; teamwork is a collective effort, and all players have to understand the direction of the discussion. Misinterpretation can be kept to a minimum if everybody aims for clarity.
Avoid the feeling of superiority. One part of the team with a similar culture or homogeneity attempts to dominate the team process and overrule the rest of the team. One may try to swing decisions towards the direction they are comfortable with. This can cause the development of a multinational personnel selection system environment for the rest of the team leading to a poor contribution. Here the Germans are feeling superior to the Asians, which is noted by the Germans being against the points the Asians rise directly.
There should be some motivators and expectations from the job that indicate the things that make someone stick to the business and team environment. The motivators can be in monetary state, incentives and career progression to intangibles such as praise, job satisfaction encouragement or recognition.
Many large corporations have clients with whom they work across. Multiple countries are looking for integrated global solution like the one ComInTec is looking for.They should focus on the objective of the team. It is usually better when there is diversity of experience among team players. The working style may vary when there is a cultural mix of the team. Some work culture fosters individuals to think and offer rewards for individuals contributions.
Krause, D. E., & Piske, R. (2007). Development of a multinational personnel selection system. London: Ivey Management Services. Read More
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Multinational Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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