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The employees offer their services in return for a wage commensurate with their work. What they want thus from HR function is proper remuneration and good working…
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CIPD Diploma (Human Resource Practice Course )
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Lectuter: 4DEP Part C This report concerns identifying HR service users and what effective service delivery entails HR Service Users
The users of HR services who are internal to the organization are employees, line managers and senior managers. The employees offer their services in return for a wage commensurate with their work. What they want thus from HR function is proper remuneration and good working environment. If employees work in an environment where their voices are not heard or listened to, they are bound to lose morale and consequently a decline in productivity. Line managers need support from HR professionals to be able to carry out their mandate which is challenging due to lack of training. Coaching the line managers is therefore crucial especially when it comes to performance management. Line managers also need the help of HR professionals in dealing with disagreements since the HR are skilled in problem-solving and well versed with organization policies and procedures. Senior managers on the other hand, need HR to be business partners. This requires HR to develop deep understanding of the business and its context. They also need the HR to challenge them where possible so that they can know where they are going wrong when making decisions.
Prioritizing Needs
The HR/L &D needs to prioritize the needs of service users effectively. When faced with conflicting needs from the different service users, HR needs to know how to handle the situation by applying their knowledge and competencies. The CIPD profession Map is crucial in acquiring such competencies. For example, a senior manager may want a manpower report for last year to present in a meeting in the afternoon, and at the same time an employee has come to complain about harassment by her boss while a line manager has come to complain about performance of a certain employee. How does the HR prioritize such needs? In this case, first HR should look at the urgency and importance of the need. While harassment and employee performance are as important as the manpower report, the HR should prepare the report first due to its urgency. Furthermore, the other two needs can follow laid down rules and procedures. HR should then start investigations on the harassment issue and arrange for a disciplinary committee meeting at a later date where witnesses can produce evidence. While this is ongoing, HR can convene a meeting between line manager and underperforming employee to establish the source of the problem and offer solutions. This will ensure all the needs of the service users are met in a timely manner without favoring one user over the others. Make all users feel they are equally important and that their needs are taken care of.
Communication may be oral, written or non-verbal. Whatever method is used, the sender should ensure the information is decoded properly for effectiveness.
One method of communication to service users is through handouts which explain the company policies and procedures as well as rights and obligations. This method is advantageous as the users can always refer to it in case of breach of contract or a dispute. It also informs the users of what is expected of them hence developing a sense of direction. However, it has a lot of information hence tedious to read and as such some users may not even read it thus remain unaware of what is expected of them in certain circumstances.
Another form of communication is the memo. It is written to inform the users of any impending changes or anything that has come up either for a department or organization as a whole. It explains the issue and brief history of the problem and the decisions taken and for what reason. The method ensures the target audiences receive the message although it must be written clearly in a way the audience will understand otherwise it may be interpreted to mean something else. However, the users cannot ask questions or seek clarifications as the sender of the message is not available and this can lead to information bias and misinterpretation.
Another method is survey whereby employees or users are asked questions regarding an issue or what they feel needs to change in the organization. This is another way of empowering employees by giving them voice hence it can boost morale especially if their recommendations are put into consideration while making decisions. However, it is susceptible to bias as some users especially employees may not give the true information due to fear of being reprimanded unless the questionnaires are anonymous. It is also costly due to the production of such questionnaires and administering them as well as analyzing them for results.
Effective Service Delivery
Effective service delivery entails building and maintaining good relationships. HR professionals should also set clear and realistic expectations for all internal customers so that they know what is expected. Effective communication, fairness, listening and acting on each group needs is crucial to a positive relationship. This also involves acting as an arbiter between the different customers and also encouraging teamwork to ensure a healthy relationship throughout the organization.
Effective service delivery also entails handling and resolving complaints. The HR professionals acts as the arbiter or impartial judge between service users. They are conversant with labor laws hence can develop policies and procedures for handling disputes to ensure smooth running of the organization. HR should listen and act promptly to all complaints presented, ensure cases are thoroughly investigated and that all parties to the dispute are heard before final decision is made. HR can also put up a suggestion box for workers to present their complaints.
Sometimes internal customers can be difficult. The HR should at all times follow the set rules, regulations and disciplinary procedures in dealing with such customers without bias. They should be strict, confident and principled while dealing with such cases. For example, the senior management may be bent on bending the labor laws to their advantage. HR should be clear on the implications of such a practice and act to convince the management to follow the law and refuse to collaborate in such practice even if it means losing one’s job.
Timely service delivery is essential. HR should ensure proper planning so as to deliver services to all customers in timely manner. For example, manpower planning ensures timely recruitment of new staff hence facilitating line managers in their work. Preparation of payroll and payment of workers in time is vital. HR should also prepare and present HR reports such as retention levels to senior management in a timely manner to allow effective decision making.
HR should liaise with finance department to manage budget implications. They should do their forecasts such as manpower forecasts, training and development costs, and other essential services and facilities for staff in time to allow finance department to work effectively. They should also focus on reducing unnecessary costs for example, by recruiting talented employees with high retention rates. Effective Performance and reward management is essential.
Continuous improvement can be gained through learning and development. HR professionals should engage in their own continuous professional development so as to provide better services to all customers. By becoming knowledgeable, they can formulate effective strategies for organizational improvement. They should also offer career advancement and personal development opportunities to employees and line managers through training and development. Read More
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