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Human resource practices: Waitrose Company - Essay Example

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This report “Human resource practices: Waitrose Company” seeks to address in detail, the aspects of some of the concepts  and human resources strategies which Waitrose has implemented to achieve such success in employee satisfaction and subsequently in their business field…
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Human resource practices: Waitrose Company
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Download file to see previous pages When  John Spedan Lewis(founder), established  the Partnership, he was keen to set up a governance system, spelt out in the company’s Constitution. The constitution would be both commercial, making it easy for the business to act quickly to remain ahead of its competition  and democratic too, considering the voice of every Partner  in the business they co-own. His unique combination of corporate knowledge and commercial acumen has contributed to the success of the company. The Partnership’s shares are held in Trust whereby the employees of the company are the beneficiaries of that Trust, i.e. the partners themselves. They split the profits equally and make leadership decisions through a number of democratic bodies (Richards 2011).
Waitrose Human Resources Practices
This report seeks to address in detail, the aspects of  some of the concepts  and human resources strategies which Waitrose has implemented to achieve such success in employee satisfaction and subsequently in their business field. This report however focuses on how two practises have helped improve their employees and the entire partnership system.
 Learning and Environment
The Open University has collaborated with Waitrose to assist its employees attain  their career aspirations. PartnerLearn  is a tool developed by the Waitrose Learning & Development Team  and The Open University and Ashridge Business School,  to enable personal and team growth.
  Employees can reach the site both at work and outside the workplace, thus fitting professional growth around their lifestyles. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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