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Employment in IT sphere - Essay Example

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Given the reality the Eich had been with the Mozilla Corporation for nearly a decade, coupled with the fact that the company had been experience enormous growth during his tenure, it would be fair to say that Mozilla will be impacted by his departure. …
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Employment in IT sphere
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Download file to see previous pages As the Internet is a constantly evolving entity, consumers will be impacted as well as there would be a perceived drop off in technological innovation for Firefox as they strive to replace a figurehead that had poured so much into the company. The issue would become at which point the line is divided between one’s own professional and public life. In the case of Mozilla, they lost a capable and qualified executive the effectively helped transform the company into what it is today. Were this behavior to continue for similar and like minded companies, such professionals would begin to think twice before speaking out on issues of importance to them, which in the end cannot be good for society as a whole.In most localities of the United States, employment is considered to be ‘at-will’, meaning that an employer is free to terminate the services of any employee at any time and for any reason, except for those specifically prohibited by law. Employers are free to terminate employment, as just stated, without the risk of incurring any legal liability for doing so. Similarly, the employment at-will doctrine means that an employee is free to leave their job at any time, for any reason, should they choose to do so. In addition, the at-will doctrine goes a step further and allows an employer to change the terms of an existing employment relationship at any time, without any overt consequences being levied against the employer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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