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Malaysia - Research Paper Example

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It is situated in Southern Asia. The neighboring countries of Malaysia are Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei from the land and Singapore, Vietminh and Philippines from the sea. The territory of the country is 127,320 sq. mi. The…
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Extract of sample "Malaysia"

Download file to see previous pages The executive power is the Cabinet and the current Prime Minister is Najib Razak. Legal system is based on common law. Malaysia is a market economy. GNP is $67 billion, GDP is 6%. The renewable natural resources are palm oil, timber, rubber, the nonrenewable natural resources are oil and tin. Major exports are petroleum, timber, tin, palm oil, major imports are electrical devices, steel, food. The specific aspect on which the paper will concentrate is foreign labor; it will discuss the rights and the programs aimed at managing labor. The paper will prove that it is necessary Malaysian government should provide necessary changes as labor policy appear to be too strict.
Malaysia provides limitations through age and nationality restrictions. Workers should be between 18 and 45 years of age, and no resettlement of dependents in Malaysia is allowed. Only citizens of Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand are issued passes for domestic/ household employment; for the manufacturing, construction, plantation and service sectors, the list of eligible nationalities is extended to include Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. (Blau, 1996) The legislation and opportunities in the sphere of foreign employment and giving foreign workers opportunities for professional growth and promotion is even stricter than that of Singapore, because even skilled professional workers are not allowed for permanent residence, and though they are able to receive visas for their dependents, the list of the key posts which they can hold in the organizations which hire them is very narrow and depends on the level of the enterprises foreign paid-up capital. (Kiong-Hock, 2002)
It appears, that the Malaysia view foreign labor as the threat to the employment of its native population and thus does not see any need in giving them opportunities for employment, while the same opportunities can be used by the local citizens. The country seems to refuse accepting the reality, in which it rapidly grows, and thus ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Malaysia and Hong kong reward employment to the increasing population. 2.0. A Case Study Analysis: Malaysia Besides other economies, the Malaysian economy was also affected twice by the financial crisis, once occurring in 1997-98 and the next during 2008. Both these occurrences had a strong impact on the developing economy influencing its political, economical and social factors. 2.1. Causes of the Financial Crisis in Malaysian Economy: 1998 and 2008 The Malaysian economy is recorded to be highly depended on the foreign portfolio creating an inter-depended relationship between the economic factors, i.e. the stock market and the forex market. Therefore, any kind of fluctuation arising in the external environment of the economy affected its...
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...t helps to facilitate the growth of the U.S. economy. Most of the jobs and inventions in U.S. result from the current entrepreneurial activities. In early 2002, it was estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau that almost three forth of the U.S. businesses were tackled by entrepreneurs (DOL, 2013). Figure 1: U.S. Growing Entrepreneurship 2006-2011 (Source: Forbes, 2012) Malaysia is a nation, whose income is categorized in the group of middle income nations. Since 1970’s the country has shown rapid growth and progress, transforming itself as a multi-sector economic system. It is estimated that small scale industries contribution in the economy is higher by almost 2 %, than the large scale business firms in Malaysia (CIA, 2013). The enormous...
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... to independence has adversely affected the natural resources of the country. The rapid economic growth during the 1980s to 1990s when Malaysia shifted from agriculture based economy to manufacturing and industry dependent necessitated the clearing of farmlands to support the change of the country's physical landscape. It was during this period that mega-projects like the Petronas Twin Towers, KL International Airport, and the Sepang F1 Circuit were completed. However, amidst the economic development, environmental degradation has been inevitable. The country's dependence on the manufacturing and industry sector cause a negative spillover in the form of air and water pollution, global warming, and ozone depletion (Malaysia 1-6). In order...
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The Architectural Qualities of The Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The plan is to develop an iconic area within the Golden Triangle, a commercial hub of the capital district to exemplify Malaysia as a fully developed nation in the world. The Twin Towers and its outlying areas as a consequence are set as a response to the challenge of transforming KLCC into information technology and environmentally friendly city without losing its cultural heritage. The Twin Towers have also been designed as a response to climate change and the sense of adapting contemporary design into space, place and culture of Malaysia. What makes the Twin Towers unique is that it is considered one of the tallest buildings (at 452 meters) in the world, ranking among Sears Towers, Empire State Building in the US and Taipei 101...
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Bateks in Malaysia - the Way of Living and Sustenance

...Batek has been explored with the unique characteristics of this tribal group of people being identified. Their way of living and sustenance has been explained and its influences on the several organizations of the Batek society have also been discussed. References Dentan, R. (1991). Potential food sources for foragers in Malaysian rainforest; Sago, yams and lots of little things. Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 147(4), pp.420-444. Endicott K. (1988). Property, power and conflict among the Batek of Malaysia. Retrieved from Endicott K.(1978). The Hunting Methods of the Batek Negritos of Malaysia. A Problem of Alternatives. Amazonia Peruana Lima. 2(3). Pp....
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Commercialization of Research and Development Programs in Malaysia

...connection to economic development. To do this, attention must be placed on some key issues: (1) the possible sources of R&D; (2) the private and public returns of R&D; and (3) the main sources of R&D and how it is ought to be commercialized. The second part, on the other hand, will zero in the discussion on the current status of R&D in Malaysia. In this light, this part will take a closer look at the pivotal role of R&D in the enhancement of business operations of private companies, and in the development of timely and strategic economic plans of the Malaysian government. To make the analysis more relevant, cases shall also be revisited in order to highlight the key insights and gather as much learning as possible....
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...), who calibrate a computable general equilibrium model of endogenous innovation and growth to economy-wide data from 21 OECD countries. With the exception of Portugal, research productivity in all other OECD countries is found to be higher than in the US. This of course raises the question of why many non-frontier countries do not undertake more R&D. One answer may be the difference between private and social rates of return – if some of the technology transfer induced by R&D activity takes the form of an externality, it will not be internalised by private sector agents. B. Commercialization of R&D 1. Nor (1996) – CASE OF MALAYSIA Much reliance has been placed on the manufacturing sector to achieve the economic targets of Malaysia...
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