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Why are women students underrepresented in STEM subjects (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) at Universities in the UK - Essay Example

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The STEM sector today shows features of shortage of skilled employers, and the point of concern here is also the fact that the number of women who take up the STEM subjects as their primary activity gradually decreases. This trend is followed in many countries of the world and…
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Why are women students underrepresented in STEM subjects (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) at Universities in the UK
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Extract of sample "Why are women students underrepresented in STEM subjects (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) at Universities in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages , in their early revisions, have been referred to as strictly masculine activities, and women have been defined to take care of the families, children and homes. This trend has been enforced by the occurrence of patriarchic structure of the society, and similar features are seen even in today’s time of considerable changes and sexes equality. (Hartmann, H., 1976, 137-138). This is, however, not the only reason when it comes to the sphere of education, particularly STEM subjects, and the number of representatives of female sex in the course, and this paper will consider them.
As it was already mentioned, historical reasoning is very simple: men spent most of their time hunting, defending their families and provided all the possible kinds of support for their families, whereas women took care of the family life in terms of children upbringing and housekeeping. (Hartmann, H., 1976, 137-138). This demanded men’s use of mental activity for analyzing the surrounding, the situation, and making the necessary decision to reach maximal success. The researches in the sphere of mental activity of both sexes do not usually indicate a total predominance of one sex over the other, though some insignificant advantages in this sphere of the male sex representatives are proved. (Jackson, D., Rushton, J., 2006, 479-486). The state of affairs of biology is also not very complicated: it was logical, and is still universally accepted in society, that women are physically weaker than men, and that was why in the past they were given physically easy activities, leaving heavy ones to men. (Roth, A., Basow, S., 2004, 245). It is, of course, no doubt that “…sex and gender has been one of the most socially significant social factors in the history of the world…”, but they cannot be the only explanation of the studied problem. (Hammond, R., 2010, 49).
It may be clear that in today’s world which demands equality of both sexes women are more than free to take up any activity, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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