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There is a set of proponents and opponents who have argued it out with valid reasons most important being its relation to the safety of patients…
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Health Care Organization and Random Drug Testing
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Random drug testing in the healthcare setting Affiliation Healthcare organizations and random drug testing
Random drug testing among the health care profession has been a matter of discussion in the professional body for a while now. There is a set of proponents and opponents who have argued it out with valid reasons most important being its relation to the safety of patients. Realistically, the invention of the health care profession was to better the condition of the suffering patients. The health care team need to be in good shape of health both physically and psychologically in order to take care of the patients who are suffering (Tobutt, 2011). For that reason, there is no one in health care team that can be allowed to serve the patients while their health and capability are in question.
Consequently, the use of drugs such as alcohol and others like opioids that may impair the capacity of performance and accuracy of service delivery is something that is not tolerated with the ethics and professionalism code. Another important arguments made is that there is no difference between the health care professional that sells the drugs meant for patient and the one that uses the drugs. The latter is dangerous to keep because he or she deplete the stock and also impair the capacity unlike the former who only deplete the stock (Follin, 2004)
On resolving whether the random drug testing should be imposed, the strategy, to bring a stop, is very essential. The act is first unethical and unprofessional. The use of drugs such as alcohol and others meant for patients is an issue that is against the core value of any rational hospital. The health professionals that use the drugs can easily be identified by their colleagues because the use of addictive drug is a habit that can be easily identified without carrying out lab tests. It is believed that carrying out random tests will step on the privacy of the medics and the respect that can demoralize them. According to Fevre & Robinson (2012) a demoralized medic is worse than an addict who is intoxicated with the addictive drug while in service.
In summation, the use of drugs such as alcohol while in service for the patient is unethical and unprofessional. The safety of the patient should be a priority. The addictive drugs usage is a habitual act that can be identified by colleagues and warning done before an action is taken. Use of the random testing will demoralize the medics making their performance low just as the addictive drugs.
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