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The fact is more apparent in the case of an employer-employee relationship. Employers hire people based on interviews, academic qualifications, and previous experiences (if any). The first…
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Benefits and Services
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Expectations from Employers and Employees Employer perspective In every aspect of human relationships there are certain attached expectations. The fact is more apparent in the case of an employer-employee relationship. Employers hire people based on interviews, academic qualifications, and previous experiences (if any). The first expectation that an employer has from the employee is that the latter is honest about himself and has interest in the kind of work for which he has been hired. Skilled employees are appointed and then with proper and continuous training the employer optimizes their talent resources as required to accomplish a business objective. Their performance is guided towards maximum productivity in relation to strategic goals. In return of monetary remunerations, reward schemes and other perquisites it is obvious that the employer will expect best returns from the employees. In every organization, there are established standards and the employer expects his employees to comply with such standards. It is the prerogative of the employer to ensure that all employees well understand the rules and regulations of the organization and implement its requirements (Jones & Jones, 2011, p.84).
Every employer has some basic expectations from his employees in the context of how the latter will behave in the workplace. It is expected that employee will perform to the best of his academic and physical abilities during the working hours. The employee should prioritize the interests of his employer over his own interests, and should abstain from remaining absence from work for excessive periods. It is natural that every employee has limited capabilities and although the employer expects maximum efforts from his employees based on their limitations, it is nevertheless the responsibility of the employee to recruit employees who have the qualifications and other merits that are required for the concerned job (Kershaw, 2012, p.279).
Employee perspective
Just like the employer, it is natural that employees also have certain expectations from their employees. This can be financial as well as psychological. An employee will give his best performance only if he is made to believe that he is an integral part of the organization, and he has a participatory role in the organization’s objectives, strategies and policies. Since employees devote a bulk of their time and energy to the organization for which they are working, they expect appreciation and rewards if they can provide extraordinary performances. Employees expect that they will be given responsibilities based on the objective of the organization, and mere lucrative salaries and financial incentives do not act as motivators to perform with optimum efficiency. Today, employees do not only expect that their financial needs will be fulfilled by their employers but also their psychological needs will be fulfilled.
There are some basic elements expected by an employee. It is not enough that an organization has fair personnel policies, it is equally expected that all such policies will be broadly effective and consistently implemented by his employer. Employees expect fair and equal treatments from their employers irrespective of their gender, age or religion (Hall, 2009). It is not uncommon that employees who are satisfied with their job experiences do not feel the same about employer’s policies with respect to salaries and promotions. This may hinder an employee’s commitment towards the organization. Employees also expect fair working hours since increased strain can be manifested in burnout or mental and physical exhaustion. Finally, employees expect a cordial relationship from their employers to develop a positive approach towards the organization.
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