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Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Program - Essay Example

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This paper “Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Program” is about Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Program, advantages and disadvantages of the service. BlueCross medical care is an insurance plan, run by about 37 autonomous companies for the provision of healthcare insurance services…
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Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Program
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Download file to see previous pages The initial base of finance sprung up from this partnership, which saw the ensuring of approximately thirty thousand people. In the year 1949, a charter got administered to the company for the provision of doctor’s services on the platform of a nonprofit grouping. By the onset of the year, 1955 insurance services had covered a wide span and ensured the uptake of both medical and home insurance services throughout America. After Greenville, BlueCross repositioned to Columbia in the year 1957. On the onset of Medicare, which is a federal insurance service that cares for individuals, suffering various disabilities and senior societal members BlueCross got endorsement nomination by hospitals. The nomination was for the handling of hospital plan in the first phase of the Medicare stipulations. Enactment of Medicare Medicaid in the 1960’s saw the selection of BlueCross and BlueShield by the administration to provide Medicare program. The 1973 Healthcare Maintenance Organization Act intensified market competition allowing BlueShield to emphasize more on quality provision and accountability. This led to the improvement of efficiencies on healthcare money expenditure.In the 1970’s the organization premiered new benefits for holding down expenses. Expenses got held down by providing plans that ensured the wellbeing of the customers was improved. In the following year, the two companies merged to become one organization.Gapenski (2003) writes that for the second phase of the Medicare program. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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