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Role of haraam Practices on behavior and performance of employees - Case Study Example

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The primary objective of the company was to provide best services to its efficient employees. Maryam was very punctual and efficient in the beginning years of her job. She…
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Role of haraam Practices on behavior and performance of employees
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Download file to see previous pages She started to come late, misbehave with other employees and take long lunch breaks.
Maryam was a lady who work on time and respond fast to the work. However, after four years of her job, she started getting late to her job. When anyone asks the reason, she gave a standard answer that there is a family problem. She was a single mother having two babies. Her seniors think that there might be any problem relating to family. However, she continued her habit of getting late after getting warned by the seniors. The observation about her drinking habit was realized at that time although no one had seen Maryam while drinking (Zia-ur-Rehman & Rashid, 2012).
The other employees noticed the change in the behavior of Maryam. She started to shout at juniors, misbehaved with seniors had noticed that her behavior had changed due to her drinking habits. Haleema, who was senior of Maryam, had started to find out the problem so that the solution would become possible. She inspected about her attitude and realized that there is a problem of drinking with her (Zia-ur-Rehman & Rashid, 2012).
It was noticed by Haleema that Maryam started to take much time for lunch breaks. She even sleeps after coming back from a long break. Haleema asked Maryam that if there is some problem she can share it with her. She was kind to Maryam but she was also aware of the organization (Zia-ur-Rehman & Rashid, 2012).
Maryam attitude was not beneficial for the organization. The seniors did not like to fire her from the job. However, consistent negative attitude lead the seniors to fire Maryam from her job. Haleema and her boss fired Maryam from job without contacting employee assistance program (EAP), which is concerned with all the job problems.
1. Haleema can not terminate Maryam without running into legal problems because Maryam is the employee of the organization for last four years, and nobody have seen her doing haraam practices with his or her eyes. . Haleema should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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