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Reflection - Essay Example

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Title Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction   Workplace behavior ethic is associated to the process of making decision; therefore, managers face a chance to select between alternative actions courses in the workplace and other personal life aspects…
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Extract of sample "Reflection"

Introduction   Workplace behavior ethic is associated to the process of making decision; therefore, managers face a chance to select between alternative actions courses in the workplace and other personal life aspects. Workplace behavioral ethics concerns choosing the legal right option even when other alternatives are increasingly appealing and if one can have the less ethical alternative. Discussion Organizational leaders have a critical responsibility to uphold the highest ethical behavioral standards of an organization. Managers are crucial makers of decisions and have to choose between options, which differ in their ethical behavior level. There are competing business priorities; therefore, ethical behavior directs the right path to takes to maintain the competitive edge of the company, (Johnson 98). Similarly, organizations occur to benefits for their parties that may motivate managers to behave in unethical ways to reduce costs and double revenues. Ethical behavior at work is a fundamental employment aspect to ensure company’s profitability because it motivates increased morale and teamwork for success. Ethical behavior in workstation address issues harassment, dressing code and language used by workforce, and taking responsibility of your actions is a crucial aspect of workstation ethical behavior. Organization’s stakeholders must adhere to the organizational rules and regulations as well as code of conduct and behavior the guide the working process and organization of the company. Every employee should be accountable to his own behavior and code of conduct. Ethical behavior in an organization puts an extensive significance on commitment and dedication of workers and other stakeholders involved. Both the employee and employer must be committed and dedicated to the organizational goals and objectives for the general well being of the organization. Workstation ethical behavior guides workers, integrity dignity, and respect for one another and the wider organization, and equal and dignified treatment of workers increased workers pride and public image of the company. In daily operations, employees, employers and supervisors face various ethical and behavioral issues and challenges, for instance for supervisors work supervision is about making decisions to propel the organization, (Blanchard and Norman 45). This implies that in making crucial business decisions, supervision tend to face various constraints. From a personal standpoint, it is difficult for a supervisor to make hundred percent correct decisions. Because of human relations, supervisors make choices that are non-binding to all workers and affect all aspects of the company and other forces and this greatly challenge supervisors in decision-making positions. Supervisors are role models who direct workers behavior. Such an example is tied to leading by example whereby he is expected to demonstrate to other how the business should be conducted. Some of their key duties concerns organization, coordination, and communication with their teams as well as passing crucial information about the organization’s operation. In the process of conflict management and interacting with teams, a supervisor experiences various constraints that are likely to influence his decisions. This means that even though, he is meant to act as role model, executing these duties may present various ethical, behavioral, and moral challenges. Since employers have to make many decisions ranging from hiring to termination, they experience diverse ethical and moral issues in all steps that make it difficult to create an entirety of list of moral and ethical challenges facing employers. Employers mostly face unethical behavior challenge, which demonstrate various different workers actions like theft to reveal private information to goods and services misrepresentations, (Johnson 118). Conflict management and communication among employee is still a challenge to many employers. These issues may have an extensive impact on the organization, for instance, theft may cause greater financial losses to the organization. Customers’ misrepresentation and exposure crucial information causes lawsuits and investigating such ethical behavioral cases may border on violating upon workers privacy to some extend; therefore, employers must motivate and guide workers to utilize ethical practices in job. Workers spend a great deal of their time in office and they are always tempted to use the company time doing their personal businesses such as making personal appointments, making reservation for vacations through employers internet and computers and making personal call using employers credits. This behavior causes some ethical dilemmas as violates the company’s property and time for personal gains. It is unethical to harass workers or co-workers mentally or sexual manner. Workers may fear for their jobs and fail to report a sexual harassment by the employer or supervisor and this fundamental ethical behavioral problem infringes worker’s liberty and rights. Today’s workplace comprise of worker with different national identity, culture, age, professionalism, social and economic backgrounds and motives. Employees enter workforce with diverse values, objectives, attitudes, and behaviors. Therefore, for employees, employers and supervisors to operate in an ethical manner and maintain ethical standards and behavior in workplace, they must cultivate and nurture teamwork and cooperation spirit and respect the policies and ethical standards of their organization. All should be involved in ethical decision-making and should be committed and dedicated to the code of conduct that governs their behavior as a team (Blanchard and Norman 88). Individual rights respect, equal resource allocation, and implementation of policies that protect employees against any form of discrimination, corruption, and harassment aids to instill morals. Conclusion In conclusion, therefore, workplace ethical behavior is crucial for the profitability and performance of an organization. It is crucial to reinforce the code of conduct and organizational culture of the organization. Works cited Blanchard, Kenneth, and Norman, Peale. The Power of Ethical Management. New York: W. Morrow, 1988. Print. Johnson, Craig. Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow. London: Sage, 2011. Print. Read More
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Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 5.
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