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Competitive advantage in terms of the human resource is achieved through the ability of a firm to attract and retain quality individuals (Hall et al.,…
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IBM academic report
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Download file to see previous pages ecruitment is the process in which an organization attracts individuals who are best qualified to make applications for a given job (Hall et al., 2005). Human resource practices form a part of the human resource strategy of an organization and are customary systems of doing business in an organization. Recruitment and selection practices in an organization develop the strategies and ways through which an organization attracts and retains the best talent to generate competitive advantage. The study critical analyzes the recruiting and selection strategy and practices at IBM, if it is a sustainable long-term strategy, comparison with best practices, and provides recommendations for changes in the strategy for augmented effectiveness.
IBM aims at achieving different milestones in the business including collaboration with different parties to build smarter cities, transportation, power grids, water, telecommunications, and healthcare globally. IBM aims at the provision of real-time customer service, collaborate with global suppliers and partners in an instant, reach new markets, and exceed client expectations in achieving competitive edge. Presenting clients with a remarkable experience and being essential to partners, suppliers, and customers.
IBM has a set of shared values that holds the organization together and allows the organization to achieve global dominance and profitability (IBM, 2014). One of the primary values at IBM is dedicating activities for each client’s success through building strong relationships with customers, focusing on results, and personal dedication to clients, and having a role in the success of customers. The other value evident at IBM is coming up with innovation that matter to the world and the company through having employees as forward thinkers, love for challenges and improvements on daily basis, striving to be the best, and taking informed risks. Another value of IBM is having trust and personal responsibility for all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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