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This research work identifies IBM and Canon Inc as an organization that has effectively used High-Performance Working which made great changes in its success path. The report prepared based on a speaker’s detailed description of the notion of High-Performance Working. …
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High Performance Working and Company Practices
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Download file to see previous pages Change is always a challenge as well as an opportunity. Today’s Human resource managers face a great challenge to accustom with the changing business and workplace contexts and thus they try to convert their organizations into High Performance Working systems with the right combination of people, process, technology, and organizational structure. The HPW has recently gained growing attention from the Human Resource managers and organizations. Becoming an HPW organization is considered to be a difficult task because all the relevant and necessary elements must fit with others so that the system can function smoothly. The HPW system is a corrective measure because many other tools and measures of management like just-in-time manufacturing, customizing, total quality management and flexible manufacturing technology can be better functioned only when there are people who fit the specific requirements. No process can work out when the right people are not there.
High-Performance Working system looks not only at technology or process, but it seeks to find talented and qualified people who can meet the specific requirements. Organizations with High-Performance Working have been found to be successful as they have made tremendous changes from the very bottom line and experienced an increase in productivity and very static long term profitability. This report examines the fundamental principles and theories of High-Performance working and it analyses how an effective high-performance working can help an organization achieve its goals. Various theories of High-Performance Working are compared and contrasted in this paper.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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