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Working Relationships between the National Health Service and the Independent Sector in the UK - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that the NHS and the independent sector in the United Kingdom enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The two have had a handy relationship for a number of decades. The resulting effect is benefits for patients and a significant reduction in cost for NHS…
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Working Relationships between the National Health Service and the Independent Sector in the UK
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Extract of sample "Working Relationships between the National Health Service and the Independent Sector in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages According to the study despite its small share in the market, the independent sector in the UK has had a significant effect on the NHS. For instance, it has helped ensure that NHS preserves the quality while minimizing costs. Debate concerning the independent sector indulgence in NHS regularly gives the image that the sector’s portion of activity in NHS is more crucial in scale than it is in the case. Presently, the independent sector indulgence (excluding mental health, dentistry, and GP practices) remains principally static at approximately 5% of the conventional clinical services. The aforementioned figure does not include GP and dentistry practices. It is important to note that GP practices are privately owned small business and they conduct 98% of NHS general practice activities despite regarding themselves as a portion of the NHS. Study conducted recently indicates that there are close to 315 independent GP practices of the total 8,300 practices in England. Within the conventional clinical services, the main type of activity is the elective care. This paper declares that elective care in this case entails non-emergency and pre-arranged care, which also includes scheduled surgery. As stated before, 3.5% of the procedures are conducted by the independent sector, either by specialist treatments centres or in private hospitals. Despite having a small share of the entire market, impact of the participation of the independent sector for several decades has been considerable, especially in some specialists, for instance, in orthopaedics and ophthalmology. In these two specialists, there are had been far-reaching benefits in terms of patient satisfaction, cost, and quality and the market share have been higher. The Benefits of Working Collaboratively With Other Members of the Multidisciplinary Team With the increased number of people seeking health care, there is a need for the different partners in the health care to collaborate and work in tandem for the achievement of a common objective, that is, the provision of better health care services. According to NHS Partners Network, the independent sectors do have a smaller share in the provision of primary care. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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