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Critically examine the ways in which the voluntary sector in the UK is financed. To what extent have the problems of the Britis - Essay Example

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Funding of Voluntary Sector in UK Funding of Voluntary Sector in UK Introduction As the world is globalizing a lot of voluntary organisations are being made to make this world a better place…
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Critically examine the ways in which the voluntary sector in the UK is financed. To what extent have the problems of the Britis
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Extract of sample "Critically examine the ways in which the voluntary sector in the UK is financed. To what extent have the problems of the Britis"

Download file to see previous pages This essay will revolve around the funding of the voluntary sector in United Kingdom and will provide different statistics of these voluntary organisations. Funding of Voluntary Sector in UK Clement Attlee is a big name in British history. He did a lot of work in order to improve Britain and the lives of people living even today in Britain. Some of his remarkable work includes Beveridge Report implementation along with a state which is based on Post war welfare but still the greatest achievement of Clement Attlee was the concept of philanthropy along with voluntary actions. Churchill indeed supported this idea. Philanthropy concept also evolved with time just how the concept of State, business and households changed and evolved. Former Chief Secretary of Treasury Liam Byrne before leaving said regarding philanthropy that it is about what to give, how to give, whom to give, the purpose of giving which needs to be clearly explained along with keeping in mind the impact it is having on the society. There is one point of view of public limited understandings which gives rise to some of the problems such as the issues which are between treasury and charities related to tax which is on the donations given. (Guardian news 2012) Where Britain lifestyle based on Voluntary work is commendable it also brings with it some major downfalls. For some, giving time and money for survival of others is a voluntary work which is conducted for the betterment of the society however for others the organisations created to perform voluntary work are basically an integral thing for the State. For some, services delivered which are under a contract are an act of donating and for some, philanthropy is nothing more than a market. Philanthropy is basically a term which is derived from ancient Greek and originally meaning “the love of humanity”. A well-known sociologist Augusta Comte introduced this word. This act is motivated by the concept of betterment of others and benefit of others. It is also present in a human being who makes them do something for others, this feeling of selflessness is integral here. Some believe that the joy which one gets after giving something to others is what makes them help others, on the other hand intangible reward motivated people in becoming philanthropic. Charity and the concept of voluntary work changed with every changing century, where during the nineteenth century charity was conducted as an act of showing superior position for self-satisfaction. The role played by Attlee was explained by Justin Davies Smith and Nicholas Deakin as an act of mutual aid and creation of friendly society which is full of cooperation. Help was provided to non-family members through groups and small organisations and informally volunteering people. The people who volunteer to conduct such activities are more enthusiastic and passionate about the work compared to those who are hired and paid to perform voluntary work. Personal emotions and feelings in a person who wants to do something for others help them perform well opposed to people being paid to do voluntary work. Giving and Charity is an integral part of UK’s lifestyle. Many surveys have been carried out to find out the amount of charity being given in the United Kingdom. According to a survey in 2011 the charity work in UK was around 11 billion pounds which were donated by about 29.5 million people. The society is overall charitable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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