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This research paper dwells upon the Human Resource Management in relation to IBM and Oracle Companies. The purpose of this research is to present job evaluation and factors determining pay, performance management for employees and application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to the reward system in IBM…
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Human Resource management: cases of IBM and Oracle
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Download file to see previous pages The paper throws light on some of the diverging aspects of HRM and personnel management. Torrignton, has described personnel management as a continuous process of growth and evolution in which different fields of expertise has been assimilated and developed. On the other hand human resource management has added a further dimension to the multi faceted role of HRM. It is not regarded as a revolutionary concept by researchers. Armstrong has emphasized on the similarities of the two streams in terms of techniques and procedures, however, the philosophical and strategic context of human resource management has been perceived to be more powerful, effective and relevant in today’s organizational settings. HRM is said to have provided a completely new viewpoint for personnel management and reflects a consistent departure from the orthodoxy of personnel management. The main difference between the HRM and personnel management can be explained using the hard and soft models of HRM. Personnel management is more consistent with the soft model stressing on the aspects of human resource. On the other hand, the hard model focuses on the quantitative, calculative and strategic business aspects of management of the headcount. HRM primarily highlights the management’s interests and considers employees as being means of attaining organizational objectives. Therefore, HRM strictly directs and controls the human resources through databases and qualitative performance management...
The main role of HRM which has evolved over the years is developing strategies and policies, systems, standards and processes for attaining business objectives. It maintains compliance with the state, local and federal laws. The HR manager plays the role of aligning department objectives with organizational objectives. His role includes resourcing, recruitment and selection. He is responsible for organizational development and design, change management and performance management. Training and development, employee motivation, compensation management and benefits are some of the other aspects of the roles of an HR manager. In all of the above aspects he seeks to design policies for meeting business objectives and aligns his activities to the goals and purpose of businesses. The strategic role of the HR manager is to drive the organizational performance (Daft & Lane, 2009, p.308). Instead of focusing only on employee welfare, he tries to provide a strategic direction to the department and works in partnership with the business. IBM’s HRM strategies are rated among the best in the industry. Through the initiative of its HR management team, IBM has demonstrated numerous innovative practices and policies which depict great respect and concern for employees. IBM’s recruitment strategies is committed towards a diverse workforce which actively seeks to recruit qualified candidates depending on the nature of markets that it serves and includes women, candidates with disabilities, minorities etc (IBM-c, 2002, p.1). HR management plays the key role in creating strategies for establishment of work life balance in the company’s culture. In all of its activities, the HR management seeks to align strategies and policies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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