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Reflection and Evaluation: a Critical Analysis of the Contributing Factors for Managing and Developing people - Essay Example

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Human Resource management is a coherent and strategic approach to managing the most valued assets of an organization; the people working for the organizations, who both collectively and individually contribute to the company achieving its objectives (Armstrong, 2009, 4). In…
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Reflection and Evaluation: a Critical Analysis of the Contributing Factors for Managing and Developing people
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Download file to see previous pages In the course of working for the company, I realised a number of issues in the management of people. This paper shall look into the issues that I identified, and explain the details surrounding them based on the different theories in Human Resource to explain my experiences as well as explore possible solutions to these issues.
The company has been in operation for about five years. During this period, the organization has seen three popular Chief Executive Officers leave the company for rival organizations. Despite the staff members not liking the feeling of seeing their heads go almost every year, they stay at the organization because the organization offers those emoluments and allowances such as health insurance cover, house allowance and transport allowance. However, the pay package that the organization offers is slimmer compared to the package that the other competing companies offer.
The difference lies in the fact that at this organization, there are less stringent rules of engagement for the employees. For instance, twice a week employees do not have to wear strictly official weal. On Fridays and Saturdays when people attend work, they can dress up in casual wear. Secondly, there is a one-hour lunch break for all employees, as well as regular team-building activities for employees working in every department. The management hires employees purely on merit. However, the employees that the organization currently has have come from different ethnic and racial origins. At the organization’s various departments, there are people of African descent, Asians, Europeans, Native Americans and people of Spanish descent. This diversity has provided considerable challenges at the organization, especially with regard to communication among employees and the convergence of the differences in culture among the employees to come up with a united ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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