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The author of the essay describes work and family career of the possible projected lifespan for 85 years. The author answers the significant and difficult questions which can appear during the lifetime …
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Work-Family Conflict
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Work-Family Conflict
My work and family career is embedded on the possible projected life span. I have a projection to live for 85 years. With this in mind the following will be my intended career and family time lines.
Intended Career Time Line
Time line in years
I shall have pursued and complete my schools
I shall have started my career with respect to income generating activities.
I tend to have fully developed and realized my ideal career that will shape my wellbeing as well as responsibilities to both my parents and future family.
This will mark my career peak and I shall have hopefully invested a lot so as to help me educate my children and take care of my family once I retire.
This will mark my retirement age timeline and I will be mostly desaving since I shall have retired
I shall have retired from my career and subsequently will be unable to engage in any income generating activities and thus will benefit from transitory and transfer incomes such as social contributions.
Intended Family Career
Time line in years
By this period I intended to have completely delinked from my parental cares and to start an own life based on my own-self responsibility and at the same time help my parents.
This period I intend to find my spouse through a serious courtship so as to help me deeply understand my future partner.
This period will mark the major part of my role and responsibility as father and as husband as I shall have married and get a child.
This period will possibly see me as a mature man and father as well as husband and aiming to get my last born possibly the second born as well as to school them appropriately.
a. If you have already established your career and then find your life partner, will your careers be in harmony? Would you move for your partner’s career? For your own?
This post a major work-family conflict as at the same time I will have to take care of my wife and the children (Stephen, 2013, p. 62). In this case I will ensure I properly spend leave hours with my family. I would still be in my career and would not move to my partner’s career. I will further consult and make my wife understand the benefits attached to work and strictly weed out the possible of working overtime.
b. If your career peaks at the same time your parents need care, how will you provide it?
I will ensure my parents are taken care of by employing someone to assist them and the same time find time to trade-off some work hours with leisure to be with them. Is shall also utilize my leave periods to take care of mv parents
c. If your career is peaking when your children are young, how will you parent?
This is true based on conflicting timelines between 50-65 when my children will still be young and at the same time my career peak. I shall have saved enough money to help provide for my children by employing a nanny.
Stephen Sweet, (2013). The Work-Family Interphase: An Introduction. SAGE Publication. Print. Read More
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