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The purpose of the paper “Advantages of Online Recruitment” is to analyze e-recruitment or online recruitment, which implies the formal sourcing of job information over the internet. The first idea about online recruitment was stated in articles in the 80s…
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Advantages of Online Recruitment
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Download file to see previous pages In using this modern technology rather than the more conventional recruitment channels, companies, as well as applicants, have experienced several advantages (Frandsen and Ferguson, 2014). The researcher endeavors to explain some of the major advantages of the online recruitment process for organizations.
 Recruitment can be defined as the process of searching and attracting competent applicants for the purpose of employment. This process establishes a link between potential employees to their job seekers. A headhunter goes over the recruitment process in order to stimulate talented individuals to apply for jobs in their organization. The processes usually commence when potential candidates are sought and concludes when they submit their applications.
 Online recruitment, also sometimes referred to as e-recruitment is one of the most cost-effective and powerful way of recruiting employees for an organization. This mechanism offers companies with the flexibility to search for candidates in the required field and assess their capability on the basis of the company’s requirements. The online recruitment system is designed over a platform that is powered by information technology. The components of an online recruitment system are an administrator, job seeker, and the company.
 One of the major advantages of online recruitment is that it offers organizations with a wider access and geographical spread thereby enabling HR managers to find talent not only from the domestic circuit but from the international arena as well. This enables managers to achieve two-fold objectives. First of all HR managers are able to diversify their pool of workforce by recruiting people from different cultural backgrounds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Advantages of Online Recruitment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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